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Undergraduate Certificate In Asian Studies

The Certificate in Asian Studies is designed for majors in any field who wish to gain a broad knowledge of a world area that is of unique importance. Courses counted for the Certificate may also be counted for the major (when applicable).

Click here to access the Certificate in Asian Studies brochure


  • 18 Semester hours from the courses listed by subject area (Please note that students may only use one language course towards the certificate requirements)
  • At least 2 courses must be from Group A (Arts, Humanities, Religious and Language)
  • At least 2 courses must be from Group B (Geography, History, International Studies, and Political Science). Other relevant courses must have prior approval from the certificate program advisor.
  • Student must achieve a cumulative 2.5 GPA in the certificate program.
  • Students are required to submit a copy of a graded paper from one of the Asian Studies Certificate courses that they took to obtain the certificate.

How to Apply for Asian Studies Certificate

  1. By the fifth week of the semester in which the student intends to graduate, the student must email the completed Asian Studies Certificate Application to the Asian Studies Certificate advisor (see below for contact information).
  2. With the application, the student must also submit a graded paper from any of the courses that are being used towards the certificate requirements.

For more information about the Undergraduate Certificate in Asian Studies, please email:

Pamela Anderson
International Studies Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Government and International Affairs
University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave. SOC 389

Undergraduate Certificate in Latin America and Caribbean Studies

The Certificate of Concentration is a short-term program for students who are interested in taking a series of courses in a selected areas, in this case Latin America and the Caribbean studies. A minimum of 15 hours of approved course work are required.

The Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed for the student who wants to learn more about the region and have that knowledge formally recognized in his or her academic record.

The Certificate is granted to a person who takes a minimum of 15 semester hours of courses about Latin America and the Caribbean plus relevant foreign language credits. One course must be taken in each of four areas: 1) Anthropology, 2) Geography/Government & International Affairs, 3) History, and 4) Art/Humanities/Literature.

For more Information regarding the Undergraduate Certificate click here.

Students interest in pursuing the certificate must fill out the following application format and return it to the Latin American and Caribbean Academic Coordinator. Application

When the student has completed the above requirements, the Latin American Studies Coordinator will recommend the student for the Certificate, which will be awarded upon the successful completion of all degree requirements for the major.

For more information and advice about the certificate program please contact Paula Lezama or Call 813-974-3772. The program is open to all majors in all colleges.


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