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Geoscience Colloquium

The Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 colloquia will take place in the USF Advanced Visualization Center (CMC 147) on Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30 PM.

All are welcome.

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title
January 15 no talk --
January 22 Eleonora Rivalta The Mechanics of Magma Pathways: Understanding Shallow Magma Transport and Eruptive Vent Distribution
January 29 Christina Plattner Postseismic Deformation at the Irer Fault, Makran, Iran, Detected from PSI Measurements
February 5 no talk --
February 12 Emma Liu ABOVE and Beyond: Drones are Changing the Way We Study Volcanoes
February 19 no talk --
February 26 no talk --
March 5 Shixiong Hu Application of LiDAR Data in Coast Processes
March 12 Makan Karegar GNSS’s Signal Strength: More Treasure Than Trash
March 19 Bernali Dixon CRIS (Community Resiliency Information Systems) and Crowdsourced Data Using Seeclickfix
March 26 Jacob Richardson Constructing Volcanic Fissure Vents: From Iceland to Mars
April 2 Ramses Ramirez Astrobiology
April 9 Fenda Akiwumi & Sarah Sheffield Diversity in Geosciences
April 16 Spring Break --
April 23 no talk --
April 30 no talk --

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title
(with link to recording)
August 28 no talk --
September 4 Mark Rains Groundwater Subsidies to Salmonid Streams: A Decade+ of Collaborative Science and Outcomes in Alaska
September 11 Chuck Connor Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Assessment – An Overview
September 18 Steve McNutt Urban Seismology: Studying Quarry Blasts in NW Miami Using Raspberry Shake Seismometers
September 25 Bogdan Onac Silently Rising: Littoral Caves and Sea-Level Change
October 2 Christopher Meindl People, Pumping, Pollution and Politics: a Geographer's take on Florida's Springs
October 9 no talk --
October 16 Glenn Thompson 24 Years of Monitoring Volcanic Eruptions: Montserrat, Alaska and White Island (New Zealand)
October 23 Yasin Elshorbany The Tropospheric Oxidizing Capacity and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks: Current Challenges and Future Prospect
October 30 Rebecca Johns Race, Class and Nature: Constructing Environmental Citizenship Through The Sierra Club From 1892 to 2020
November 6 Yi Qiang Big Data Approaches for Disaster Resilience Assessment
November 9 no talk --
November 13 no talk --
November 20 Christine Downs Capturing Spatiotemporal Changes Around a Cover-Collapse Sinkhole in West-Central Florida
November 27 Thanksgiving --
December 4 Reading Day --

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
January 17 Aaron Wolf
Oregon State University
The Spirit of Dialogue: What Faith Traditions Teach about Negotiating Water Conflicts
January 24 No Colloquium No Colloquium
January 31 Beth Bartel
Our Planet, Our Hazards: Communicating Geoscience in a Changing World
February 7 Alain Plattner
University of Alabama
Geophysics on Earth and Mercury: Large- and small-scale structures from magnetic measurements, GPR, and electrical resistivity tomography
February 14 Cheryl Hapke
Prioritizing Florida Coastal Seafloor Mapping: Program Development and Sea Level-rise Adaptation Applications
February 19 Yigal Erel
The Hebrew University & University of Haifa, Israel
Maritime Silver Trade in the Levant During the Iron Age and its Effect on Human Population
February 21 Michael Grammer
GAS Award Recipient
University of Oklahoma
Submersibles to Super-Giant Oil Fields, Microbes, and Nanometer-scale Pore Systems - a brief look into the world of carbonates
February 28 Adrian Lam
SUNY Binghamton
Tiny Fossils, Big Currents: Pliocene reconstruction of the Kuroshio Current Extension reveals a very dynamic system
March 6 Angel Garcia
Using Caves as a Central Theme for Multidisciplinary Research
March 13 To Be Announced To Be Announced
March 20 Spring Break Spring Break
March 27 Scott Leibowitz
Recent Research Findings on Connectivity Between Wetlands and Downstream Waters
April 3 Peter Ward
The Great Simplification
April 10 Laura Bilenker
Auburn University
Ironing out the details: A non-traditional isotope system illuminates a new model for the formation of a magmatic metal deposit
April 17 Josh Willis
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
OMG It's Melting Dispatches from the Greenland Ice Sheet
April 24 Noel Bartlow
UC Berkeley
Geodetic Studies of Slow Slip and Tectonic Tremor Subduction Zones

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title
August 30 (no colloquium) (no colloquium)
September 6 Oliver Lamb, UNC Chapel Hill Breaking the Ice: Detecting Icequakes at Llaima Volcano, Chile (see flyer, pdf format)
September 13 Dr. Jochen Braunmiller, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida Seismic Slip Along Oceanic Transform Faults - The Blanco Transform Experiment (see flyer, pdf format)
September 27 Pati Spelman, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida The challenges of water resource management in karst watersheds (see flyer)
October 4 Dr. Joshua Viers, University of California, Merced Floodplains, Flows, Forests, and Fish: A Spatiotemporal Quantification of Multibenefit Floodplain Restoration (see flyer)
October 11 --- open --- --- open ---
October 18 TBA TBA
October 25 Athena Masson Size matters. Why we should be adding a size component to a hurricane scale.
November 1 Cheryl Hepke A Florida Coastal Seafloor Mapping Initiative for Science and Sustainability
November 8 Dr. Alejandro Gonzales, (CICESE) Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Baja California Recent Geodetic Studies in Northern Baja California, Mexico after the El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake (see flyer)
November 15 Mike Poland, US Geological Survey Science F(r)icton: Challenges and opportunities for science communication in a world that's gone bonkers (see flyer)
November 22 Professor Don Dingwell [1] [2], University of Munich (LMU), Germany Experimental access to volcanic eruptions (see flyer)
November 29 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title
January 11 Yuan Zeng
Forest Aboveground Biomass and Biodiversity Estimation Based on LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data
January 18 Jonathan Lees, Ph.D.
Infrasonic (Bal)Looney Tunes: Oceans-Atmospheres and Music of the Spheres
January 25 Megan Fung, Ph.D.
Widespread and Intense Wildfires Following an Extraterrestrial Impact Event at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
(Tues.) January 29 Adiel Klompmaker, UC Berkley
Phanerozoic eco-evolutionary trends
February 1 Tara Smiley, Indiana State University
Neogene Mammal Fossil Diversity in North America
February 8 Richard A. Davis, Professor Emeritus USF Geology
Tidal Sedimentology and Tidal Environments
February 15 Christelle Wauthier, Penn State University
Deciphering Magma-Faulting Interactions in Arc and Ocean Island Volcanoes with Satellite Geodesy
NES 323
February 22 Jennifer Bauer
March 1 Jessica Velasques
March 8 Alison Cobb
Mesoscale Signature of the North Atlantic Oscillation
March 15
No Colloquium
Spring Break
March 22
March 29 Dean Jackie Dixon, USF College of Marine Science
Volatiles and Light Stable Isotopic Compositions of Enriched Mantle Sources
April 5 Best of Karst presents
Annette Summers Engel, University of Tennessee
The Thrill of Discovery: Exploring Underground Ecosystems as an Interdisciplinary Scientist
April 12 Mark Welford, Georgia Southern
Geographies of Plaue Pandemics: The Spatial-temporal Behavior of Plague to the Modern Day
April 19 Tim Melbourne, Central Washington University
GNSS Global Seismic Monitoring
April 26
No Colloquium
Reading Day

Fall 2018 (in Progress, please check back for updates)

Date Speaker Title
August 24 Aurélie Germa, USF GeoSci Long-term evolution of volcanic fields: inputs from geochronology and statistical analysis
September 14 Ruiliang Pu, USF Geosciences Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications
September 28 Fahui Wang, LSU How GIS Changes (and will change) Public Health
October 12 Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, USGS Menlo Park Deep fluid pathways beneath Mammoth Mountain, California, illuminated by migrating earthquake swarms
October 19 Brad Deline, Univ. of West Georgia Unraveling the Functional morphology of Coiling Crinoid Anal Sacs
October 26 Peter Adams, University of Florida Uplift of the Florida Peninsula, Reversal of the St. Johns River and the Origin of Cape Canaveral
November 2 Janine Krippner, Concord University Managing the flows: from large block-and-ash flows on Shiveluch to hazards communication during the Bali Agung crisis
November 9 Livio Tornabene, Western Ontario University Color/Stereo Images of Mars: Seeking Sources of Martian Gases and Future Landing Sites with the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Mission
November 16 Christelle Wauthier, Penn State
Deciphering Magma-Faulting Interactions in Rift, Arc and Ocean Island Volcanoes with Satellite Geodesy
November 23
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 30 Joseph R. McConnell, Desert Research Institute Aerosols and Ancient History in Greenland Ice
December 7

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
September 8 Robert V. Rohli, LSU Identifying long-term terrestrial and marine climatic changes using a climatic classification system CANCELLED
September 15 Jeffrey G. Ryan, USF GeoSci The downgoing plate in the earliest stages of subduction: insights from recovered fluids and rocks from Mariana forearc serpentinite seamounts, IODP Expedition 366 CANCELLED
September 22 Richard J. Krupar III, Center for Disaster Resilience, University of Maryland Examining the usage of ensemble prediction system forecasts in rapidly assessing tropical cyclone wind and storm tide-induced damage
September 29 Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Penn State Slip Slidin’ Away: the role of Antarctic glaciers in sea level
October 6 Jacob F. Berkowitz, USACE Innovation in wetlands research - Evolution of the US Army Corps of Engineers as a natural resources agency
October 13 Thomas Pichler, University of Bremen Geogenic molybdenum in ground and drinking water - the new arsenic?
October 20 Joseph Panzik, USF GeoSci Using Paleomagnetism to Assess Geomagnetic Field Geometry and Paleogeographic Reconstructions
October 27 Graham Tobin, USF GeoSci Thus Can [a] Man Accustom Himself to Sleep on the Brink of a Precipice
November 3 Tim Conway, USF College of Marine Science New insights into trace metal cycling in the oceans from the GEOTRACES program
November 10
Veterans Day Holiday
November 17 Zhong Lu, Southern Methodist University InSAR studies of landslides and coastal geohazards
November 24
Thanksgiving Holiday
December 1
Last week of classes
December 8
Final exams & Commencement

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
January 12 Hilary Flower, USF Geosciences Can the Everglades survive climate change and sea level rise? Using climate scenarios modeling to inform adaptive restoration planning in the face of a threatening and uncertain future
January 19
No Colloquium Scheduled
Special event:
January 25
10:30 am
SCA 216
Costanza Bonadonna, University of Geneva Towards a better description of volcanic ash dispersal and sedimentation
January 26 Jeffrey G. Ryan, USF Geosciences The downgoing plate early in subduction:
insights from recovered fluids, muds and rocks from Mariana forearc serpentinite seamounts, IODP Expedition 366
February 2 Brittain Eames Hill, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (retired) Some Geosciences Perspectives on Burying Nuclear Waste Beneath Yucca Mountain – and the Politics of Digging a Hole in Nevada
Special event:
February 6
4:00 pm
CMC 147
David Lamb Spatial Interpolation with Random Forests
February 9 Amanda Clarke, Arizona State University Highly explosive basaltic volcanism
Special event:
February 13
4:00 pm
CMC 147
Wei Luo, Spatial Analysis Research Center, Arizona State University Geographical Tracing: An Innovative Approach on Communicable Disease Control
February 16 Ran Tao, Spatial Sciences Institute, University of Southern California Exploratory Analysis of Inter-City Human Activity Interactions with flowAMOEBA
February 23 Maurizio Battaglia Magma Intrusion at Mount St. Helens, Washington, from Temporal Gravity Variations
March 2 Carling Hay, Boston College Sea-Level Fingerprinting: Projecting into the Future by Revisiting the Past
March 9 Sarah Sheffield, USF Geosciences Insights into evolutionary relationships of echinoderms based on reinterpretations of morphology
March 16
Spring Break
March 23 Peter Wilson, Distinguished Visiting Faculty, USF Honors College Antarctica - fishes, adaptations and dealing with ice
March 30 Lewis Land, National Cave and Karst Institute & New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
Best of Karst presents:
Evaluation of groundwater residence time in a high mountain aquifer system (Sacramento Mountains, USA): Insights gained from use of multiple environmental tracers
April 6 Robert V. Rohli, LSU Identifying long-term terrestrial and marine climatic changes using climatic classification systems
April 20 Boo Hyun Nam, UCF Karst Sinkhole Risk Assessment - an Engineering Perspective

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
January 13 Yujie Hu, Rice University Automated Delineation of Hospital Service Areas by Modularity Optimization
January 23
Fangwu Wei, Arizona State University

Special Time and Location:

3:30 pm in CMC 147, the Advanced Visualization Auditorium

Title: The Nexus of GIScience, Informatics and Transport: Exploring the Spatiotemporal Trends in Air Fares and Itinerary Pricing
January 27 Xiang 'Peter' Chen, Arkansas Tech University Space, Time and Context: Reframing the Urban Foodscape
February 3 Ramón Arrowsmith, Arizona State University Sharpening our view of active faulting processes with high resolution topography
February 10 Darwin Day speaker: Mandë Holford, Hunter College Mollusks to Medicine: Discovery, Characterization and Delivery of venom compounds from predatory marine snails
February 17 Lawrence D. Meinert, editor, Economic Geology Rare Earth Elements: History, Technology and Ore Deposits
March 3 Stefan Lachowycz, Carnegie Institution Influence of Ice on Arc Volcanism
March 10 Friday before Spring Break
March 17 No Colloquium - Spring Break
March 24 Jacob Selander, Whitman College Fault Connectivity (or Lack Thereof?) in the Mojave Desert, California
March 31
USF Geosciences in association with Best of Karst presents Harvey DuChene, Karst Waters Institute Tectonic Influences on Petroleum Migration and Speleogenesis in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas
April 7 Jeffrey Freymueller, University of Alaska - Fairbanks Tectonic and Volcanic Deformation and Subduction Processes in the Aleutian Arc, Alaska
April 14 J. Peter Brosius, University of Georgia Envisioning Integrative Conservation Research and Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities
April 28 Reading Day - last day of classes
May 5 Finals week

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
August 26 First week of classes
September 2 Joanne Heslop, University of Alaska - Fairbanks Thermokarst lakes and methane production from organic matter

Cancelled because of inclement weather

September 16 Herb Maschner, USF CVAST The Paleoecology and Biocomplexity of the Western Alaska Peninsula
September 30 David Kaplan, University of Florida Socio-ecohydrology of a dammed Amazon
October 7 Nic Kooyers Adaptive responses to changing climates: Understanding the prevalence, pattern and processes associated with physiological adaptation in a widespread monkeyflower
October 12
Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science presents Ty Ferre, University of Arizona
Special Time and Location:
5:00 pm in CMC 147, the Advanced Visualization Auditorium


"Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship Between Data, Models and Decision-Making"
October 14 Suzette Morman, USGS Mineral Resources Program Geological Influence in Interdisciplinary Science: In Vitro Bioaccessibility Analysis
October 21 Richard S. Mbatu, USF St. Petersburg Fieldwork Experience Abroad: Collecting Data for Forest Community Integration and Collective Agency in Korup National Park, Cameroon: Interactions with Forest Policies and the REDD+ Mechanism
October 28 Lily Lewis, Switzer Foundation Conservation, dispersal and genetic structure of high latitude bryophytes
November 4 Cathy Busby, University of California - Davis Anatomy of a Long-Lived Oceanic Arc
November 11 No Colloquium - Veterans Day
November 18 Theresa Garvin, University of Alberta Minerals, Oil & Gas: Community Perceptions and Responses to Resource Extraction Activity in Africa and Canada
December 2 Last day of classes

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
January 15 Thomas Wahl, USF Marine Science Changing coastal flooding and erosion risk in the U.S. - when one plus one is not two
January 22 Fred W. Schroeder, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Using seismic data to extend the life of an oil field
January 29 Lewis A. Owen, University of Cincinnati Everest revisited and the Quaternary glaciation of the Himalayas and Tibet
February 5 Paul G. Harnik, Franklin & Marshall College Extinctions with and without us: paleontological baselines for evaluating extinction risk in the modern oceans
February 12 Eric Kirby, Oregon State University Geomorphic insights into the patterns and processes of active deformation in Tibet
February 19 Robert Brinkmann, Hofstra University Sustainable Development Goals: Assessing Assessment in a Complex World
February 26 Bill Kleindl, Montana State University Teasing out climate perturbations, human disturbance, and natural variation in large montane river systems
March 4 Geoffrey Donovan, US Forest Service Urban-tree benefits: from the intuitive to the surprising
March 11 Aurélie Germa, USF Geosciences Long-term evolution of volcanic fields: inputs from geochronology, geomorphology and statistical analysis

Cancelled - will reschedule for Fall 2016

March 18 Spring Break
March 25 Jay L. Banner, University of Texas at Austin Past, Present and Future Climate Change Impacts on Water in a Semi-Arid Region: Science and Policy
March 30

CMC 147
4:30 - 5:30 pm

Distinguished Lecture Presented by GeoPRISMS:

Robert J. Stern, University of Texas at Dallas
Geoscientific Investigations of the Southern Mariana Trench and the Challenger Deep
April 1 Marianne Kramer, National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Current Research and Collaboration Trends
April 8

CWY 206

Click here for map
J. Marshall Shepherd, University of Georgia Climate Change, Extreme Weather and Your Peninsula: what we know, don't know and should know
April 15 Justin Saarinen Western Lake Erie Restoration Assessment (WLERA): further understanding the potential and benefits of coastal wetland restoration
April 22
Fenda Akiwumi, USF Geosciences
Steven Reader, USF Geosciences
Earth Day
Integrated water Resources Management and Cultural Diversity
Proximity to Bus Rapid Transit and Real Estate Prices
April 29 Last day of Spring semester

Fall 2015


Date Speaker Title
September 4 Jeffrey G. Ryan, USF Geosciences The petrology and geochemistry of subduction initiation (and the making of ophiolites?): Some shipboard (and shore-based) science from IODP Expedition 352
September 25 Russell S. Kirby, USF Public Health Place Matters: A Geographer's Perspective on the Role of GIS and Spatial Analysis in Public Health
October 16 Mark Rains & Steve McNutt, USF Geosciences The Pebble Mine Alaska: Hydrology and Hazards
October 23 Gregg Brooks, Eckerd College Detecting Events in the Stratigraphic Record: US Virgin Islands and the BP Oil Spill
October 30 Sonja Behnke, Los Alamos National Labs When do volcanic eruptions make lightning? A report on the 2015 field campaign at Sakurajima volcano, Japan
November 6 Joanne Muller, FGCU Dept. of Marine and Ecological Sciences Intense Southwest Florida Hurricane Strikes over the Past 1,000 Years (click here for abstract)
November 13 Hussein A. Amery, Colorado School of Mines Threats to Water Security in the Arab Gulf States
November 20 Julia F. Irwin, USF History Catastrophic Diplomacy: The History of US Foreign Disaster Assistance
November 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 4 Last day of Fall semester classes

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title
January 9 Zhen Liu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Imaging plate boundary deformation using GPS and InSAR (see the flyer)
January 23 Brian F. Thomas, California Institute of Technology & Jet Propulsion Laboratory The Story of 'Rejected Discharge': The Role of Groundwater Processes in Watershed Function
January 30 Christa Kelleher, Duke University Exploring influences on hydrologic behavior: Integration of detailed observations, hydrologic modeling, and sensitivity analyses
February 10 Jason D. Gulley, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, Michigan Technological University Exploring links between the conduit hydrology of glaciers and carbonate platforms

Time & Location: 2:00 pm in ISA 3048

February 13 Andrés Cárdenas, EAFIT University, Department of Earth Sciences, Medellín, Colombia Paleobiological Stories from the Neotropics
February 20
Dorien McGee, PhD 2010
Angela Dippold Beeson, MS 2009
Jeffrey Beeson, BS 2008
Jeffrey Brame, MS 1976

Continuing Pathways: What Four Alumni Are Doing Now:

Senior Petroleum Geologist, ExxonMobil Production Company
Water Laboratory Supervisor, Schlumberger Reservoir Labs
Geology and Geophysics, Oregon State University
President/Chief Scientist, Brame Geoscience LLC
March 6 Spring Break - No colloquium
March 13 Gregory M. Erickson, Florida State University, Dept. of Biological Science Did dinosaurs evolve dentitions rivaling mammals in biomechanical sophistication?
March 20 Andrew D. Czaja, Departments of Geology and Chemistry, University of Cincinnati Life in the Archean: Increasing the Diversity
March 27 Sébastien Leibrandt, Magma and Volcano Lab, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France Volcanic ash morphometry for explosive characterization and surveillance applications
April 3 Steve McNutt, USF Geosciences Peak Oil, Gold and the Economy
April 17 Steven Jaumé, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, College of Charleston, South Carolina Separated at Birth: The Charleston 1886 and Christchurch 2010/2011 Earthquakes
April 24 Michael S. Steckler, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Bangladesh: Natural Hazards in a Tectonically-Active Delta
May 1 Last day of Finals Week - no colloquium

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title
August 21 Herbert Maschner, PhD, Department of Anthropology, Idaho State University Virtualization and the Democratization of Science: How 3D Technologies are Changing How we do Science (flyer with abstract)
Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISA) 7 th Floor 4:30 PM (reception to follow)
August 29 Mel Rodgers, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas using new techniques to handle large seismic datasets
September 12 Sonja Behnke, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of South Florida What Volcanic Lightning Reveals about Volcanic Eruptions (flyer)
September 26 David Chapman, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah Geothermics of Climate Change (flyer)
October 10 Don Kaufman "The Elusive Nile: Explorers and the changing map of Africa" (flyer)
October 24 Shimon Wdowinski, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Miami University Increasing flooding frequency and accelerating rates of sea level rise in Miami Beach, Florida (flyer)
October 31 Calvin Alexander, University of Minnesota The Soudan Iron Mine: A Martian Karst Analog
November 14 Camelia Knapp, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of South Carolina Gas Hydrates: Bridge to an Energy Future (flyer)
November 21 colloquium cancelled
November 28 Thanksgiving
December 5 Giovanni Iannaccone, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Napoli (Italy) Shallow Water Geophysical Monitoring of a Volcanic Area (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy)

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
January 10 Dr. Nicolas Le Corvec, Universities Space Research Association (USRA) Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX Structural and physical controls on monogenetic basaltic volcanism
January 17 -- Open -- -- Open --
January 24 Dr. Jim Schneider, Deputy Director, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, USA "Hydrologically Connected" - Developing the Water Science to Implement Nebraska's Water Policies for Integrated Surface Water - Groundwater Management and Planning
January 31 -- Open -- -- Open --
February 7 Dr. Brian Tucker, GeoHazards International, Menlo Park, California Prototype Tsunami Evacuation Park in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
February 14 Dr. Ming Ye, Department of Scientific Computing, Florida State University Bayesian Approaches of Quantifying Model Uncertainty for Groundwater Contaminant Reactive Transport Modeling
February 21, 3:30pm Dr. Jacob Bleacher, Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory,NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA How explosive was ancient Mars?
February 28 Dr. Eric Horsman, Dept. of Geological Sciences, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC Snapshots of progressive magmatism in the shallow crust: Henry Mountains, Utah
March 3
Mary Crider, Education Associate, Arthur R. Marshall Foundation & Florida Environmental Institute Becoming an Everglades Steward through the Marshall Foundation Summer Intern Program
3:30-5:00 PM in the Marshall Student Center, MSC 3709
March 7 -- Open -- -- Open --
March 14 -- Spring Break -- -- Spring Break --
March 21 Dr. Michael Oskin, Department of Geology, University of California, Davis (Earthscope Speaker) Fault System Behavior Revealed in High-Resolution Topography
March 28 Dr. Laura Wallace, Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas, Austin Sticky or Slippery? Slow Slip and Interseismic Coupling at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand
April 4 Dr. Julia Kubanek, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Application of bistatic SAR interferometry for volcano monitoring
April 11 Elisabeth (Libby) M. Hausrath, Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Phosphate on Mars Using Geochemistry to Interpret the potential habitability of Mars
April 18 -- TBA -- -- TBA --
April 25 Geology Alumni Society
Panel Discussion
So you think you want to be a Professional Earth Scientist after you graduate?
3:30-5:00 PM in the Advanced Visualizaton Auditorium, CMC 147

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
August 30 ---- ----
September 6 Dr. Jeffrey P. Du Vernay and Steven Fernandez, Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies, USF School of Geosciences Aerial and Terrestrial LiDAR Applications for Topographic Understanding
September 13 ---- ----
September 20 Dr. Penny Boston, Dept of Earth & Environmental Science, New Mexico Tech Caves As Integrated Systems: Life and Times in the Near Subsurface Critical Zone
September 27 ---- ----
October 4 Michal Kowalewski, Florida Museum of Natural History, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida Stratigraphic Applications of Mollusk Shells: Quantitative Paleoecology and AAR Geochronology of Quaternary Sequences of Po Plain
October 11 ---- ----
October 18 Ivana Blankenship, Tampa Bay Water Authority Tampa Bay Water; a regional wholesale water supplier
October 25 ---- ----
November 1 Darline Lot, USF PhD candidate Comparing Mass-Balance and Analytical Methods for Base Flow Separation
Tuesday, November 5 Prof Jurgen W Neuberg, University of Leeds, UK Conceptual models of volcanic seismicity - and their forecasting potential
1:30 pm in CMC 147 (visualization room)
November 8 ---- ----
November 15 Jim Schneider, Deputy Director, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources "Hydrologically Connected" - Developing the Water Science to Implement Nebraska's Water Policies for Integrated Surface Water - Groundwater Management and Planning
November 22 Dr. Xavier Comas,Department of Geosciences, Florida Atlantic University Characterizing carbon dynamics in the Everglades using hydrogeophysical methods
November 29 ---- ----
December 6 ---- ----

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
January 11 ---- ----
January 18 Dr. Kevin P. Furlong, Department of Geosciences, Penn State University, USA Should We Run For the Hills: Rethinking Subduction Zone Earthquakes
January 25 ---- ----
February 1 Dr. Josef Dufek, School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Multiphase Magmatism: From Crustal Construction to Eruptive Dynamics
February 8 Dr. Graham A. Tobin, Department of Geography, Environment and Planning, USF
Dr. Linda M. Whiteford, Department of Anthropology, USF
Modeling Chronic Volcano Hazards: Community Resilience and Social Networks
February 15 ---- ----
February 22 Dr. Lori S. Glaze, Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory, NASA, USA A new simulation approach for modeling inflated pahoehoe lava flows
March 1 Dr. Bernie Housen, Department of Geology, Western Washington University, USA Time to Bury the Resurrection Plate? Paleomagnetism of the Ghost Rocks volcanics, Kodiak Island
March 8 Dr. Don P. Chambers, College of Marine Science, USFSP Measuring and Understanding Modern-Day Sea Level Rise
March 15 -- Spring Break -- -- Spring Break --
March 22 Dr. Kenneth C. Jezek, School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University, USA Airborne and Spaceborne Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere
March 29 ---- ----
April 5 Dr. Peter La Femina, Department of Geosciences, Penn State University, USA Deformation of the Western Caribbean
April 12 ---- ----
April 19 at 2:30pm Dr. Esteban Gazel, Department of Geosciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA Lithosphere vs. asthenosphere magma sources in the Basin and Range: Insights from the Big Pine Volcanic Field
April 19 at 4:00pm Dr. Georg Houben, Department of Geosciences, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover, Germany Part 1) Experiments and modeling of layered freshwater lenses
Part 2) Groundwater resources of the Kabul basin (Afghanistan)
April 26 -- open -- -- open --

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
September 14 Dr. Antonio Costa, INGV, Italy, University of Reading, UK Modeling of Distal Deposits from Super-Volcano Eruptions
October 5 Dominic Papineau, Boston College Carbonaceous material associated with apatite on Earth and Mars and implications for the origin of life
October 19 Dr. Tim Dixon, Denis Voytenko, Judy McIlrath, Dept. of Geology, USF Fieldwork in Greenland and latest results on melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet
October 26 --cancelled-- -- cancelled --
November 2 --open-- -- open --
November 9 Andrew Calvert, US Geological Survey Attaining high-resolution eruptive histories for active arc volcanoes. Examples from the Cascades and Alaska
November 16 Peter Valley Fluid alteration and magnetite-apatite mineralization of the Lyon Mountain granite: Adirondack Mountains, New York State
November 30 Dr. Jonathan Wynn, Dept. of Geology, USF Ocean Acidification
December 7 --open-- -- open --
December 14 --open-- --open--

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
Jan 27, 2012 Dr. Matthew S. Lachniet, Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada, Las Vegas A 2400-yr Rainfall Reconstruction for Mesoamerica Links Climate Change and Civilizations
Feb 10, 2012 Stephen Self, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Environmental Effects of Super-eruptions
Feb 17, 2012 Prof. Richard Davis Sea level change in the Gulf of Mexico: Past, Present and Future
Feb 24, 2012 Dr. Louise Hose, Texas A&M University, College Station Lessons from Active, Sulfide-rich Caves: Did "snottites" play a role in forming Carlsbad Cavern, Lechuguilla, and other giant caverns of the world?
Mar 2, 2012 Dr. Dhananjay Ravat, University of Kentucky, Lexington The Magnetic Mystery of Mars
Mar 9, 2012 Dr. Ralf Gertisser, Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, UK A Look Inside Merapi: Lessons from Past Eruptions and the Catastrophic Events of 2010
Mar 30, 2012 Dr. Steve McNutt, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks Volcano Lightning
Apr 6, 2012 Dr. Drew S. Coleman, Department of Geological Sciences, Univerisity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Missed Connection: Ignimbrite Seeking Plutonic Relationship
Apr 13, 2012 open - - - -
Apr 20, 2012 Michael J. Wightman, P. G., GeoView - A Geophysical Services Company, St. Petersburg, Florida Professional Geology Seminar (TBA)
Apr 27, 2012 Dr. Bryan Jackson, Carnegie Institution, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Washington, DC Evaporated/ing cores of gas giants
May 4, 2012 open - - - -

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
Jan 14, 2011 Stephen Schellenberg, Dept. of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University Oceans of change: Redesigning a general-education oceanography course for online learning
Jan 28, 2011 Bruce McFadden, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida Miocene mammals of Panama: Tropical refugium of cradle of biodiversity?
Feb 12, 2011 Kazutaka Mannen, Visiting scientist at USF Geology Fuji Volcano: Geological background and latest eruption
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