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Brian  Andres

Brian Andres

Brian Andres
Visiting Assistant Professor


Office: SCA 524
Phone: 813/974-0321




Bachelors of Science in Geological Sciences
Bachelors of Science in Biology


Masters of Science in Biological Sciences
Thesis:   Two New Pterosaur Species from Liaoning, People’s Republic of China, and their relationships within the Pterodactyloidea


Masters of Philosophy in Geology
Doctorate of Philosophy in Geology
Dissertation:   Systematics of the Pterosauria

Professional Experience

  • Shuler Museum of Paleontology, Southern Methodist University: Fossil Preparator, Curatorial Assistant, Research Fellow
  • Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin: Collections Assistant, Specimen Preparator
  • Peabody Museum, Yale University: Exhibit Designer
  • Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, Department of Paleontology: Field Paleontologist, Exhibit Designer, Digital Collection Manager
  • School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol: Research Associate
  • Department of Geology, University of South Florida: Visiting Assistant Professor


  • BiSc11 laboratory: Introduction to Biology, George Washington University
  • BiSc12 laboratory: Introduction to Biology, George Washington University
  • G&G100b teaching fellow: Natural Hazards, Yale University
  • G&G631a teaching fellow: Vertebrate Phylogeny, Yale University
  • G&G601b teaching fellow: Paleontology and Evolutionary Theory, Yale University
  • E&E125 teaching fellow: History of Life, Yale University
  • Geol7370: Phylogenetic Analysis, Southern Methodist University
  • GLY2100: History of Life, University of South Florida
  • GLY4104C: Paleobiology and Earth Evolution, University of South Florida
  • GLY6739.002: Phylogenetic Methods, University of South Florida
  • GLY3552C: Sedimentary Geology, University of South Florida
  • GLY2001: Online Oceanography, University of South Florida
  • GLY6739.009: Topics in Paleontology, University of South Florida


Vertebrate Paleontology, Phylogenetic Systematics, and the Pterosauria

Specialty Area

Vertebrate Paleontology, Phylogenetic Systematics


Andres, B. and Q. Ji. 2003. Two new pterosaur species from Liaoning, China, and the relationships of the Pterodactyloidea. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting

Andres, B. and J. Clark. 2005. Jurassic pterosaurs from Xinjiang, China: The earliest pterodactyloid and the origins of the group. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting

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Andres, B. 2011. Owen's pterosaurs, old fossils shedding light on new clades. Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy meeting

Andres, B. 2011. Pterosaurs, modules, and the origin of the Pterodactyloidea. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting

Andres, B. 2012. Opening talk at the Advanced Visualization Center dedication ceremony

Recent Publications

Andres, B. and T. S. Myers. In press. Lone Star Pterosaurs. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Upchurch, P., R. Butler, B. Andres, and P. Barrett. In press. Pterosaur Biogeography. In: The Pterosauria. D. M. Martill and D. M. Unwin (Eds.). Cambridge University Press.

Andres, B. In press. Pterosaur Phylogeny. In: The Pterosauria. D. M. Martill and D. M. Unwin (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Andres, B. 2013. The early evolutionary history and adaptive radiation of the Pterosauria. Acta Geologica Sinica, 86(6): 1356-1365. PDF

Bell, E., B. Andres, and A Goswami. 2011. Integration and dissociation of limb elements in flying vertebrates: A comparison of pterosaurs, birds and bats. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 24(12): 2586-2599. PDF

Butler, R. J., S. L. Brusatte, B. Andres, and R. B. J. Benson. 2011. How do geological sampling biases affect studies of morphological evolution in deep time? A case study of pterosaur (Reptilia: Archosauria) Disparity. Evolution, 66(1): 147-162. PDF

Andres, B., X. Xu, and J. Clark. 2010. A new rhamphorhynchid pterosaur from the Upper Jurassic of Xinjiang, China, and the phylogenetic relationships of basal pterosaurs. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 30(1): 163-187. PDF , MorphoBank Project 365

Andres, B. and Q. Ji. 2008. A new pterosaur from the Liaoning Province of China, the phylogeny of the Pterodactyloidea, and convergence in their cervical vertebrae. Palaeontology, 51(2): 453-469. PDF , MorphoBank Project 262

Andres, B. 2007. Bone Wars, a review. Palaeontologica Electronica, 10.1.1R. PDF

Andres, B. and Q. Ji. 2006. A New species of Istiodactylus (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) from the lower Cretaceous of Liaoning, China. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 26(1): 70-78. PDF

Andres, B. and M. Norell. 2005. The first record of a pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous sediments of Öösh. American Museum Novitates, 3472: 1-6. PDF