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Associate Professor
NES 314

Resource Development, Conservation and Policy, Sustainability

Associate Professor
& Graduate Program Director, Geography & Environmental Science and Policy
NES 311

Water Resources Management and Policy, Environmental Policy, Sustainability

Research Assistant Professor
SCA 527

Igneous Petrology, Volcanic Geochemistry, Mineralogy

Associate Professor
NES 209


Research Assistant Professor
SCA 215


Assistant Professor
NES 310

Biomechanics, Palaeontology

Assistant Professor
SCA 525


Associate Professor
NES 316


Research Associate Professor, USF Library
& Co-Director of Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies

LiDAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, 3D Printing, GPS, GIS, and Visualization Techniques

SCA 528

Physical Volcanology and Geophysics

Research Associate
SCA 510

Geo-hazard Modeling, Data Processing, Code Optimization

Assistant Professor
Joint faculty with USF College of Marine Science
KRC 109

Isotope Geochemistry, Trace Metals, Chemical Oceanography

Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor

Coastal Geology, Sedimentology

SCA 220


Research Associate Professor, USF Library
Co-Director, Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies
LIB 122

Spatial technologies and imaging for cultural and natural heritage applications

Associate Professor
NES 303

Geographic Information Science, Wildlife Ecology, Public Health and Safety

Courtesy Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
SCA 526


Visiting Instructor
NES 218 D
Assistant Professor
SCA 500
Associate Professor
NES 215

Paleobiology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Marine Science

Assistant Professor
NES 306

GIS, Transportation, Human Mobility and Accessibility, Public Health, Crime, Human-Environment Interactions

CHE 213B


SCA 217

Near-Surface and Environmental Geophysics

Research Associate Professor & Director of the USF Water Institute
CHE 304

Environmental Geography, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Analysis, GIS/GPS, Decision Support Systems

Associate Professor
SCA 218


Instructor II
CHE 213A
SCA 213

Volcano Seismology, Infrasound, Lightning

Courtesy Professor
Everglades Wetland Research Park, FGCU

Wetland ecology

Instructor II
NES 310

Environmental & Occupational Health and Environmental Science & Policy

Professor of Environmental Science and Policy

NES 218C

The Urban Planning/Public Health Nexus, Sustainable Development, Hygiene and Sanitation, Water Delivery Systems; Transportation and Land Use.

SCA 506

Karst Geology and Paleoclimatology

Associate Professor
SCA 533

Astrobiology, Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry

Associate Professor
NES 213

Remote sensing, GIS, Ecology

Research Associate Professor
CHE 304 C

Wetland Science and Functional Assessment, Plant Ecology, Biogeochemistry and Soil Science, Mycorrhizal Ecology, Root Growth and Nutrient Acquisition, Geospatial Analysis, GIS/GPS

Professor & Chair
NES 203

Ecohydrology; Wetlands, rivers, estuaries; Scientific support of policy and decision-making

Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Certificate in GIS
NES 215

GIScience and Spatial Statistics

SCA 507

Petrology, Geochemistry, and Geoscience Education

Assistant Professor
SCA 524

Evolutionary paleobiology; Invertebrate paleobiology

Professor Emeritus
SCA 532

Hydrology, Applied Geophysics, Numerical Modeling

Research Assistant Professor
SCA 214

Volcano Seismology, Volcano-seismic Monitoring

NES 305

Natural Hazards, Water Resources

SCA 504

Quantitative Literacy, Geoscience Education

Co-editor, Numeracy, open-access, peer-review journal of the National Numeracy Network

Associate Professor
NES 313

Karst environments pertaining to paleoclimate change, human disturbance, environmental indices and sustainability

Director, USF Botanical Gardens
NES 315

Botany and Biology of Florida

Instructor, Geospatial Technologies, Spatial Analysis and Modeling
NES 214

GIS, Cartography, Environmental Niche Modeling and Remote Sensing

CHE 215

Coastal Research

Associate Professor
SCA 518

Structural Geology/Tectonics