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Jason D. Gulley

Jason D. Gulley

Jason D. Gulley
Associate Professor


Office: SCA 500
Phone: 813/974-0323


PhD, Geology, University of Florida (2010)
B.A., Geology, Eastern Kentucky University (2006)


GLY 4822 C Fluid Earth 2
GLY 6827 C Advanced Hydrogeology


Core research areas: process geomorphology in carbonate terrains, karst hydrogeology, and glaciology

I am broadly interested in how the hydrology of glaciers and ice sheets affect ice motion and hence rates of sea level rise. I am also interested in how interactions between surface water and groundwater affect chemical, physical and biological processes in critical zones developed in carbonate bedrock.

Specific current research interests include understanding:

  • Physical processes responsible for coupling between glacier hydrology and ice motion, with implications for understanding rates of sea level rise.
  • How sea level fluctuations, climate change and formation of new surface water affect groundwater circulation and subsurface chemical weathering in carbonate platforms.
  • How critical zone processes in carbonate landscapes create cave systems and, conversely, how cave systems alter critical zone processes from the non-cave state.

    See my Google Scholar Page: here

    Graduate Students

    Charles Breithaupt, Yasar Khan, Jessica Mejia, Jamar Regis

    Specialty Area

    Geomorphology in carbonate terrains; karst hydrogeology, and glaciology