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Jonathan G. Wynn

Jonathan G. Wynn

Jonathan G. Wynn
Associate Professor


Office: SCA 509
Phone: 813/974-9369
Lab: SCA113



B.S. 1995. Geology and Geological Engineering, University of Utah.

M.S. 1998. Geology, University of Utah

PhD. 2001. Geological Sciences, University of Oregon


Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Global Carbon Cycle, Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate.

Specialty Area


Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
50580GLY 6971003Thesis: Master's

50798GLY 7912002Directed Research



Quade, J. & Wynn, J.G., 2008. The Geological Context of Human Evolution in the Horn of Africa. Geological Society of America Special Paper, no. 446.

Recent Publications

McPherron, S.P., Alemseged, Z., Marean, C.W., Wynn, J.G., Reed, D., Geraads, D., Bobe, R., BĂ©arat, H.A. 2010. Evidence for stone tool-assisted consumption of animal tissues prior to 3.39 Ma at Dikika, Ethiopia. Nature 466, 857-860.

Cerling, T.E., Quade, J., Levin, N., Wynn, J.G., Fox, D.L., Kingston, J.D., Klein, R.G., Brown, F.H., 2010. Comment on the Paleoenvironment of Ardipithecus, Science 328, 1105-d.

Wynn, J.G., Sumrall, J.B., and Onac, B.P. 2010. Sulfur isotopic composition and the source of dissolved sulfur species in thermo-mineral springs of the Cerna Valley, Romania, Chemical Geology 271, 31-43.

Wynn, J.G., and Bedaso, Z.K. 2010. Is the Pliocene Ethiopian Monsoon Extinct? A comment on Aronson et al., (2008) Journal of Human Evolution, 59, 133-138.

Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., 2008. Environmental controls on the stable carbon isotopic composition of soil organic carbon: Implications for modelling the distribution of C3 and C4 plants, Australia, Tellus B 60, 604-621.

Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., 2007. C4-derived soil organic carbon decomposes faster than its C3 counterpart, Global Change Biology 13, 2206-2217.

Wynn, J.G., Alemseged, Z., Bobe, R., Geraads, D., Reed, D., Roman, D.C. 2006. Geological and palaeontological context of a Pliocene juvenile hominin at Dikika, Ethiopia, Nature 443, 332-336.

Alemseged, Z., Kimbel, W., Spoor, F., Bobe, R., Geraads, D., Reed, D., Wynn, J.G. 2006. An early juvenile hominin skeleton from Dikika, Ethiopia, Nature 443, 296-301.

Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., Vellen, L., Carter, J., and Berry, S.L. 2006. Measuring variation of the Australian soil organic carbon pool with climatic, edaphic and biotic controls, Global Biogeochemical Cycles 20, GB1007.