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Dissertations and Theses

Doctoral Dissertations, 1995-2017

YearStudentDissertation TitleAdvisor
2017Christine Downs Using Geophysics to Understand Geological and Biological Constraints on Local Hydrologic Flow Regimes in Wetlands Dr. Sarah Kruse
2017Julius Anchang Locally Optimized Mapping of Slum Conditions in a Sub-Saharan Context: A Case Study of Bamenda, Cameroon Dr. Ambe Njoh
Dr. Ruiliang Pu
2017Peter Rock Nkhoma Constituting Agriculture and Food Policy in Malawi: The Role of the State and International Donors in the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) Dr. M. Martin Bosman
Dr. Pratyusha Basu
2017Bryan Winter Reappropriating Public Space in Nanchang, China: A Study Informal Street Vendors Dr. M. Martin Bosman
Dr. Pratyusha Basu
2017Bruce Mitchell A Landscape of Thermal Inequity: Social Vulnerability to Urban Heat in U.S. Cities Dr. M. Martin Bosman
2017David Lamb Identifying Nodes of Transmission in Disease Diffusion Through Social Media Dr. Joni Firat
2017Mark Horwitz Morphodynamics and Sediment Pathways of the John's Pass-Blind Pass Dual-Inlet System: Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
2017Hannah Torres How Lessons From a Past Disaster Can Influence Resilience and Climate Adaptation in Broward County, Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
2017Stephanie Powers Multi-Scale Approaches for Evaluating the Success of Habitat Restoration in Tampa Bay, Florida Dr. Joni Firat
2017Rebecca David What Makes Water Policy Sustainable: An Analysis of Water Policy in US Cities Dr. Graham Tobin
2016Qian Yang Applications of Satellite Geodesy in Environmental and Climate Change Dr. Timothy Dixon
2016Henok Kiflu Improved 2D and 3D Resistivity Surveys Using Buried Electrodes and Optimized Arrays: The Multi-Electrode Resistivity Implant Technique (MERIT) Dr. Sarah Kruse
2016Matthew Jarrett Lilliput Effect Dynamics Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction: Approaches, Prevalence, and Mechanism Dr. Peter J. Harries
2016Ophelia George The Geophysical Kitchen Sink Approach to Improving our Understanding of Volcano-Tectonic Interactions Dr. Charles Connor
Dr. Rocco Malservisi
2016Milena U. Janiec-Grygo Situating Migrants in Contemporary Japan: From Public Spaces to Personal Experiences Dr. M. Martin Bosman
Dr. Pratyusha Basu
2016Jacob Richardson Modeling the Construction and Evolution of Distributed Volcanic Fields on Earth and Mars Dr. Charles Connor
2016Nicole Suzanne Hutton Population Dynamics and Vulnerability Reduction: The Role of Non-Profit Organizations Following the 2011 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand Dr. Graham Tobin
2016Denis Voytenko Glaciological Applications of Terrestrial Radar Interferometry Dr. Timothy Dixon
2015Erick Ananga The Role of Community Participation in Water Production and Management: Lessons From Sustainable Aid in Africa International Sponsored Water Schemes in Kisumu, Kenya Dr. Ambe Njoh
2015Bryan Booth An Investigation of the Effects of Physical Weathering on Submerged Karst Surfaces Dr. Jennifer Collins
Dr. Matthew Pasek
2015Jun Cheng Multiple Scales of Beach Morphodynamic Processes: Measurements and Modelling Dr. Ping Wang
2015Hilary Flower Phosphorus Sorption Dynamics In Shallow Groundwater, Costal Everglades, Florida, USA Dr. Mark Rains
2015Johanna Kovarik A Composite Spatial Model Incorporating Groundwater Vulnerability and Environmental Disturbance to Guide Land Management Dr. Philip Van Beynen
2015Rebecca Loraamm Quantifying the Interaction of Wildlife and Roads: A Habitat and Movement Approach Dr. Joni Downs
2015Anna Pollock Mid-Holocene Speleothem Climate Proxy Records From Florida and Belize Dr. Philip Van Beynen
2014Ciprian Cosmin Stremtan Mantle-crust Interactions in Granite Petrogenesis in Post-collisional Settings: Insights from the Danubian Variscan Plutons of the Romanian Southern Carpathians (July 12, 2013) Dr. Jeff Ryan
Dr. Paul Wetmore
2014Michael Callahan Groundwater and surface water interactions in headwater streams and off-channel habitats in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Dr. Mark Rains
2014Subhronil Mondal Short- and long-term trends in ecological interactions: from predator:prey interactions to phanerozoic diversification Dr. Peter J. Harries
2014Liana Marie Boop Characterization of the depositional environment of phreatic overgrowths on speleothems in the littoral caves of Mallorca (Spain): a physical, geochemical and stable isotopic study Dr. Bogdan Onac
2014Katherine Emily Brutsché Evolution and Equilibration of Artificial Morphologic Perturbations in the Form of Nearshore Berm Nourishments Along the Florida Gulf Coast Dr. Ping Wang
2014Nicole O. Caesar Managing Regional Water Resources Amidst Rapid Urbanization in Southwest Florida Dr. M. Martin Bosman
2014Michael Callahan Groundwater and surface water interactions in headwater streams and off-channel habitats in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Dr. Mark Rains
2014Sandra Jo Garren Greenhouse gas emissions and climate policy in Florida's state and local governments (2000 to 2010) Dr. Philip van Beynen
2014Paul Octavius Knorr Response of Benthic Foraminifera to Ocean Acidification and Impact on Florida's Carbonate Sediment Production Dr. Peter J. Harries
Dr. Lisa L. Robbins
2014Christopher N. Metzger Connecting institutional discourses and everyday understandings of climage change: viewpoints from a suburban neighborhood Dr. Pratyusha Basu
2014Subhronil Mondal Short and Long-term Trends in Ecological Interactions: From Predator: Prey Interactions to Phanerozoic Diversification Dr. Peter J. Harries
2014Marilyn C. Montgomery Assessing the Environmental Justice Implications of Flood Hazards in Miami, Florida Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
2014Charles Hugh Paxton Atmospheric and Ocean Conditions and Social Aspects Associated with Rip Current Drownings in the United States Dr. Jennifer Collins
2014Richard Salkowe Federal Disaster Declarations and Denials: Analyzing Spatial Equity in the Implementation of the Stafford Act Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
2014Ciprian 'Cosmin' Stremtan Mantle-crust interactions in granite petrogenesis in post-collisional settings: insights from the Danubian Variscan Plutons of the Romanian Southern Carpathians Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
2014Jeremy White Computer model inversion and uncertainty quantification in the geosciences Dr. Mark T. Stewart
2014Johnny King Alaziz Wong Troubled Waters: Georgia, Florida and Alabama's Conflict Over the Waters of the ACF River BasinDr. M. Martin Bosman
2013Shubhabrata Paul Ecology of the Late Neogene Extinctions: Perspectives from the Plio-Pleistocene of FloridaDr. Gregory Herbert
Dr. Peter J. Harries
2013José Armando Saballos Short and Long Term Volcano Instability Studies at Concepción Volcano, Nicaragua Dr. Charles Connor
Dr. Rocco Malservisi
2013Mel Rodgers Unusual Patterns of Seismicity During Eruptive and Non-eruptive Periods at the Persistently Restless Telica Volcano, Nicaragua Dr. Diana Roman
Dr. Stephen McNutt
2013Cristina Montana Puscas Hypogene Speleogenesis in the Cerna River Basin, SW Romania: A Sedimentological, Mineralogical, and Stable Isotopic Approach Dr. Bogdan P. Onac
2013Cynthia Meyer Evaluating Habitat Vulnerability and Sustainability of Urban Seagrass Resources to Sea Level RiseDr. Ruiliang Pu
2013Leah Courtland Deciphering Deposits: Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling to Characterize the Emplacement Mechanisms and Associated Energetics of Scoria Cone Eruption and Construction Dr. Sarah Kruse
Dr. Charles Connor
2013Pamela Jo Hatley Preserving Place: A Grounded Theory of Citizen Participation in Community-Based PlanningDr. Elizabeth Strong
2013Shawn Landry Connecting Pixels to People: Management Agents and Social-ecological Determinants of Changes to Street Tree Distributions Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
2012Marianne O'Neal Caldwell Assessment of Student Achievement in an Introductory Physical Geology Course: A Three-year study on delivery method and term length (with a section on hurricane overwash) Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
Dr. Ping Wang
2012Andrés L. Cárdenas Paleobiologic Assessment of Controls Underlying Long-term Diversity Dynamics Dr. Peter J. Harries
2012Heather L. Lehto Investigation of Stress Changes at Mount St. Helens, Washington, and Receiver Functions at the Katmai Volcanic Group, Alaska, with an Additional Section on the Assessment of Spreadsheet-based Modules. Dr. Diana Roman
Dr. H. Len Vacher
2012 Ravic P. Nijbroek Mangroves, Mudbanks and Seawalls: Political Ecology of Adaptation to Sea Level Rise in SurinameDr. Pratyusha Basu
2012Tiffany Roberts Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Morphodynamics of Sandy and Mixed Sand and Gravel Beaches Dr. Ping Wang
2012Koji Kiyosugi Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Monogenetic Volcanic Fields Dr. Charles Connor
2012William C. Hutchings The Effects of Fractures on the Occurence and Distribution of Arsenic in the Upper Floridian Aquifer during Aquifer Storage and Recovery Dr. Mark Stewart
2011Joseph F. van Gaalen Alternative Statistical Methods for Analyzing Geological Phenomena: Bridging the Gap between Scientific Disciplines Dr. Sarah Kruse
2011Zelalem K. Bedaso Stable Isotope Studies of Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate from Afar, Ethiopia Dr. Jonathan Wynn
2011 Kristine Bezdecny Placing Reedy Creek Improvement District in Central Florida: A Case Study in Uneven Geographical Development Dr. Kevin W. Archer
2011Aurel Persoiu Tiritu Paleoclimatic Significance of Perennial Ice Accumulation in Caves: an Example from Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania Dr. Bogdan Onac
2010 Amanda H. Gilleland Human-Wildlife Conflict Across Urbanization Gradients: Spatial, Social and Ecological Factors Dr. Robert Brinkmann
Dr. Graham A. Tobin
2010 Swagata Guha Variable-density Flow Models of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Landforms in Response to Climate Change induced Sea Level Rise and a Chapter on Time-Frequency Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Signals Dr. Mark Stewart
2010 Olesya Lazareva Constructed Wetland/Filter Basin System as a Prospective Pre-Treatment Option for Aquifer Storage and Recovery and a Potential Remedy for Elevated Arsenic Dr. Thomas Pichler
2010 Dorien McGee Microbial Influences on Karst Dissolution: the Geochemical Perspective, with a Chapter on Assessment of the Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum Dr. Peter Harries
2010 Sophie Pearson Diffuse Degassing and the Hydrothermal System at Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua Dr. Charles Connor
2010Tina Roberts-Ashby Evaluation of Deep Geologic Units in Florida for Potential Use in Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Dr. Mark Stewart
2010Jennifer Sliko Nearshore Marine Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Southwest Florida during the Pliocene and Pleistocene Dr. Greg Herbert
2010 Christina Stringer Hydrologic Controls on Salinity in Mangroves and Lagoons Dr. Mark Rains
2010 JoAnn Sullivan Characterization of an urban heat island (UHI) in the Tampa region of Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins
2009 Jason Samuel Polk Proxy records of climate change in subtropical and tropical karst environments Dr. Philip van Beynen
2009 Alain Volentik Tephra Transport, Sedimentation, and Hazards Dr. Charles Connor
2008 Sarah E. Fratesi The Virtual Landscape of Geologic Information: topics, methods and rhetoric in modern geology Dr. Len Vacher
2008 Melissa E. Hill An Evaluation of Conduit Conceptualizations and Model Performances Dr. Mark Stewart
2008 Erin P. Hughey A longitudinal study: the impact of a comprehensive emergency management system on disaster response in the commonwealth of the Bahamas Dr. Graham Tobin
2008 Roy E. Price Biogeochemical cycling of arsenic in the shallow marine hydrothermal system of Tutum Bay, Ambitle Island, Papua New Guinea Dr. Thomas Pichler
2008 Mikel Diez Studies of the mechanics and structure of shallow magmatic plumbing systems Dr. Charles Connor
2008 Marilyn Marie Williams Linking health hazards and environmental justice: a case study in Houston, Texas Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
2007 Heather M. Bell Situating the perception and communication of flood risk: components and strategies Dr. Graham Tobin
2007 Spencer Fleury Land use policy and practice in karst terrains Dr. Robert Brinkmann
2006 Joseph O. Hughes Salinity and temperature-dependent groundwater flow in the floridian aquifer system of southern Florida Dr. Len Vacher
2006 Nicole Elko Storm-influenced sediment transport gradients on a nourished beach Dr. Ping Wang
2006 Lee J. Florea The karst of west-central Florida Dr. Len Vacher
2006 John R. Bowersox Community structure, faunal distribution, and environmental forcing of the extinction of marine molluscs in the Pliocene San Joaquin Basin, Central California Dr. Peter Harries
2004 Ivan P. Savov Petrology and geochemistry of subduction-related rocks from the Mariana Arc-basin system Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
2003 James Schneider Hydrogeology and submarine groundwater discharge on sandy barrier islands: Dog Island and St. George Island, Florida Dr. Sarah Kruse
2002 Kenneth E. Trout, Jr. Improving groundwater models with the use of parameter estimation software Dr. Mark Stewart
1998 Christian D. Langevin Stochastic methods for evaluating the potential for wetland rehydration in covered-karst terranes Dr. Mark T. Stewart
1996 Kimberly K. Yates Microbial Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate: A Potential Mechanism for Lime-mud Production Dr. Lisa Robbins
1995 Thomas C. Juster Circulation of Saline and Hypersaline Groundwater in Carbonate Mud: Mechanisms, Rates and an Example from Florida Bay Dr. H. Leonard Vacher Dr. Mark T. Stewart
1995 Ping Wang Surf Zone Sediment Transport on Low Energy Coasts -- Field Measurement and Prediction Dr. Richard A. Davis

Professional Science Masters in Geology

2017Stacey Coonts Groundwater Geochemistry of the RFGW Monitoring Network Wells in the Upper Floridan Aquifer Dr. Len Vacher
2017Kimberly Tapley The Management Challenge of Integrating Shoreline Restoration Into a Dynamic Coastal Conservation Park Dr. Ping Wang
2017Paul Maxwell Soil and Groundwater Assessment Under the FDEP’s Petroleum Restoration Program Dr. Len Vacher
2016Scott Lakey Remediation and Regulatory Challenges Involving the Ubiquitous Contaminant Benzo[a]pyrene and Equivalents Dr. Len Vacher
2014Joel Cornwall Optimization and repeatability in multi-channel analysis of surface waves Mike Wightman, P.G.
2014Chase Swan Phytoremediation of nitrate-contaminated groundwater: a pilot study KT Moran, P.G.
2014Jonathan Welker Investigation of Sediment Accumulation within Cedar Creek, Dunedin, Florida Joseph D. Hughes, P.G.
2013Jerry Mallams Documentation, Evaluation and Recommendations Associated with the Southwest Florida Water Management District's Slug Test Methods Eric DeHaven, P.G.
2013Andrew Raysin TBA TBA
2013Joshua Yates TBA TBA
2013Marty H. Solomon Geochemical Modeling to Assess the Mobilization of Arsenic by Aquifer Storage and Recovery Within Different Redox Zones of the Upper Floridan Aquifer Joseph D. Hughes, P.G.
2013Kristina Stadtherr Borehole Geophysical Investigation of Regional Observation and Monitor-well Program, Groundwater Well Nos. 45.5 and 41 TBA
2012Daphanee Waters A Geochemical Evaluation of Natural Attenuation of Benzene in Groundwater TBA
2012Michael J. Cook Shoreline change at Assateague Island National Seashore, 1994 - 2010 Dr. Ping Wang
2012Jase Ousley TBA TBA
2012John Ferguson A Post-Audit of a 1985 Groundwater Pumping Simulation for the Cross Bar Ranch Wellfield in Pasco County TBA
2011Joseph Fredericks The Hydrogeology and Water Quality of the ROMP 111.5-Hampton Prairie Site in Lake County, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
2011John-Reid Theriac Evaluation of seepage into an underground utility corridor at a coastal power plant Dr. Ping Wang

Masters Theses, 2017

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Danielle Koebli A Geochemical and Petrological Investigation of Dikes and Sills from the San Rafael Volcanic Field, Utah Dr. Aurelie Germa
Laura Lotero The Role of High-Elevation Paramo Wetlands in Generation of Streamflow and Water Supply in the Norther Andes, Colombia Dr. Mark Rains
Dr. Kai Rains
Cody Winter Perceptions Affecting Tree Valuations: An Analysis of Recently Sold and Leased Properties in Tampa, Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Dr. Shawn Landry
Melissa Kerr The Ability of an Aquatic Invader to Uptake Nutrients in an Upstream Estuarine Environment: Implications for Decreasing the Intensity and Frequency of Massive Fish Kills in Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Margaret Klinepeter An Assessment of Constructed Wetland Treatment System Cells: Removal of Excess Nutrients and Pollutants from Municipal Wastewater in Lakeland, Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Daniel Gessman Pollen Forecasting in Sarasota, Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins
Kittiya Harris Potential Impacts of Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surge in Western Pasco County, Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins
Kerri Dickey Longitudinal Awareness: A Study of Vulnerability to Flooding in Polk County, Iowa Dr. Philip van Beynen
Keir Sanatan Characterizing the Evolution of Slab Inputs in the Earliest Stages of Subduction: Preliminary Evidence from the Fluid-Mobile Element (B, Cs, As, Li) Systematics of Izu-Bonin Boninitic Glasses Recovered During IODP Expedition 352 Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
Jacqueline Perry Abundance and Habitat Preferences of Introduced Muscovy Ducks (Cairina Moschata) Dr. Joni Downs
Barbara Nordheim-Shelt Effects of Anthropogenic Activity on the Green Swamp Preserve Ecosystem Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Jackson Hubbard 3D Cave and Ice Block Morphology From Integrated Geophysical Methods: A Case Study at Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Kristopher Gallagher Stormwater Infiltration and Groundwater Integrity: An Analysis of BMP Siting Tools and Groundwater Vulnerability Dr. Bogdan Onac
Amor Elder Using Remote Sensing to Evaluate Wetland Recovery in the Northern Tampa Bay Area Following Reduction in Groundwater Withdrawals Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Joe Blankenship Forging Blockchains: Spatial Production and Political Economy of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Code/Spaces Dr. M. Martin Bosman

Masters Theses, 2016

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Joel Raven Remediation of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Brownfield Property Dr. Len Vacher
Zhaoxu Zhu Storm Induced Beach Profile Changes Along the Coast of Treasure Island, West-Central Florida, U.S.A. Dr. Ping Wang
Kevin Martyn How Mature Capitalism Turns Pollution into Diamonds: Malagnogenesis and the Reverse-Engineering of Harm into Risk Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Elisabeth Gallant Lava Flow Hazard Assessment for the Idaho National Laboratory and Eastern Snake River Plain of Idaho, U.S.A. Dr. Charles Connor
Victor Ricchezza Alumni Narratives on Computational Geology (Spring 1997 - Fall 2013) Dr. Len Vacher
Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
Brendon Quinton The Effect of Home Range Estimation Techniques on Habitat Use Analysis Dr. Joni Downs
Trista Brophy-Duron Environmental and Community Health in South San Diego County: A Behavior Analysis of Recreational Ocean Users Along Imperial Beach, California Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Gabriella Balsam Decision Support Systems for Water Management: Investigating Stakeholder Perceptions of System Use Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Dr. Shawn Landry
Jennifer Iceton Media Representations of Abortion Politics in Florida: Feminist Geographic Analysis of Newspapaer Articles, 2011-2013 Dr. Martin Bosman
Dr. Pratyusha Basu
Kaydee West Optimizing Methods for Extraction of Organic Compounds from Molluscan Shells Dr. Gregory Herbert
Scott Ishler A Molluscan Record of Monsoonal Precipitation Along the Western Shoreline of the Late Maastrichtian Western Interior Seaway Dr. Jonathan Wynn
Dr. Peter Harries
Zachary Tyler Morphodynamics of Egmont Key at the Mouth of Tampa Bay: West-Central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
James Wilson A New Volcanic Event Recurrence Rate Model and Code For Estimating Uncertainty in Recurrence Rate and Volume Flux Through Time With Selected Examples Dr. Charles Connor

Masters Theses, 2015

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Randall Hergert Saharan Air Layer Dust Loading: Effects on the Convective Strength in Tropical Cloud Clusters Dr. Jennifer Collins
Jaime Swindasz Land-Use & Water Quality in the Headwaters of the Alafia River Watershed Dr. Philip Van Beynen
Samantha Tavarez Geophysical Evidence for Mid-Crustal Magma Reservoirs in the Larsen Volcanic Region Dr. Charles Connor
Daniel Cleary A Bat Guano Derived δ15N and δ13C Record of Paleoenvironmental Change: Ziditǎ Cave, Romania Dr. Bogdan Onac
Mary Njoroge Is Nubia Plate Rigid? A Geodetic of the Relative Motion of Different Cratonic Area within Africa Dr. Charles Connor
Catherine Carter Communication of Lava Flow Hazards At The San Francisco Volcanic Field, Flagstaff, Arizona Dr. Rocco Malservisi
Nikita La Cruz Schreibersites: Synthesis and Corrosion and Implications for Origin of Life Dr. Matthew Pasek
Steven Ulloa The Impact of Bus Rapid Transit Implementation on Residential Property Values: A Case Study in Reno, Nevada Dr. Steven Reader
Heather Bender Reconstructing Paleoenvirionments of the Late Pliocene Pinecrest Beds of Florida With Benthic Foraminifera Dr. Gregory Herbert
Jacqueline Diehl The Speleogenesis of Vallgornera Cave (Mallorca, Spain): A Mineralogical and Morphological Study Dr. Bogdan Onac
Dr. Jeffrey Ryan
Emeli Sandoval Morphodynamics of Mullet Key, West-central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Cassandra Smith Ground-coupled Air Waves: A Seismological Case Study of the Explosion Quakes of the 2007 Eruption of Pavlof Volcano, Alaska Dr. Stephen McNutt
Heather Key Tornado Fatalities: An In-depth Look At Physical and Societal Influences Urbanized Area Dr. Jennifer Collins

Masters Theses, 2014

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Oana McKinney An investigation of methoodologies for determining walkability and its association with socio-demographics: an application to the Tampa - St. Petersburg urbanized area Dr. Steven Reader
Kristi Savio Analysis of water quality for Lake Tarpon, Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Philip van Beynen
Ming Xie Verification and comparison of two commonly used numerical modeling systems in hydrodynamic simulation at a dual-inlet system, West-Central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Melanie Heathers Risk Perception and Beliefs About Volcanic Hazards: A Comparative study of Puna District Residents Dr. Graham Tobin
Lance Croft Interpolating Beach Profile Data Using Linear and Non-Linear Functions Dr. Ping Wang
Susana Alvarado Tricoche Determining what factors affect people's perception of the reuse of reclaimed water as source for potable water: a spatial and statistical study within Hillsborough County Dr. Fenda Akiwumi
Erin Lyn Floto An Evaluation of Florida Gulf Coast University's Residence Life Staff Member's Hurricane Preparedness Dr. Jennifer Collins
Aleeza Harburger Probabilistic Modeling of Lava Flows: A Hazard Assessment for the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona Dr. Charles B. Connor
Blaire O'Neal Testing the Feasibility of Bioacoustic Localization in Urban Environments Dr. Joni Downs
Kayla Ouellette Agriculture, Environmental Restoration and Ecosystem Services: Assessing the Costs of Water Storage on Agricultural Lands in South Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Ann Rebecca Persaud Still Waters Run Deep: Landscaping Practices, Community Perceptions, and Social Indicators for Stormwater Nonpoint Source Pollution Management in Manatee County, Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Dr. Fenda Akiwumi
Lindsay L. Rice An Analysis of Public Perception and Response to Hurricane Sandy Dr. Jennifer Collins
Zachary Joseph Smith Mapping the Spatial Movements, Behaviors, and Interactions of Captive Orangutans using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and GIS Dr. Joni Downs
Matthew Stanley Hail Formation in Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins

Masters Theses, 2013

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Andrew T. Brownell Morphological Changes Associated with Tropical Storm Debby In the Vicinity of Two Tidal Inlets, John's Pass and Blind Pass, West-Central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Denise M. Davis Distinguishing Processes that Induce Temporal Beach Profile Changes Using Principal Component Analysis: A Case Study at Long Key, West-Central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Justin Joseph Hartnett Spatial and Temporal Trends of Snowfall in Central New York - A Lake Effect Dominated Region Dr. Jennifer Collins
Vernice Camilla Hippolyte World Heritage Status, Governance and Perception in the Pitons Management Area, St. Lucia Dr. Fenda Akiwumi
Henok Gidey Kiflu Optimized Correlation of Geophysical and Geotechnical Methods in Sinkhole Investigations: Emphasizing on Spatial Variations in West-Central Florida Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Jessica Norman Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Tooth Enamel Bioapatite: Effects of Diagenesis and Pretreatment on Primary Paleoecological Information Dr. Jonathan Wynn
Kelsey Roberts Weather Patterns Associated with Green Turtle Hypothermic Stunning Events in St. Joseph Bay and Mosquito Lagoon, Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins
Joshua C. Sakmar Molecular Technologies in the Science and Policy of Florida Largemouth Bass Micropterus floridanus Management in Florida Dr. Steven Reader
Jacqueline M. Sampson The extent of phosphorus redox chemistry in west central Florida waters Dr. Matthew Pasek
Samuel Scott Sanderson Sense of Place in an Unincorporated Community Dr. Pratyusha Basu
Brian Szenay Modeling Potential Chemical Environments: Implications for Astrobiology Dr. Matthew Pasek
Ashley Marie Weatherall Assessing Hurricane Preparadness Among Residential Staff at Louisiana State University: A Case Study on Hurricane Isaac Dr. Jennifer Collins

Masters Theses, 2012

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Jamie L. Auletta Disaster Vulnerability of University Student Populations Dr. Jennifer M. Collins
Dr. Graham Tobin
Chloe Delhomme Assessment of the Oxbow Morphology of the Caloosahatchee River and its Evolution Over Time: A Case Study in South Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Jack A. Hutchings No Honor Among Snails: Conspecific Competition Leads to Incomplete Drill Holes in the Naticid Gastropod Neverita delessertiana (Récluz) Dr. Gregory Herbert
Michael L. Joseph A Geochemical Analysis of Fulgurites: from the Inner Glass to the Outer Crust Dr. Matthew Pasek
Michelle Leonard Vent-Fault Spatial Study of Selected Volcanic Fields of Southwestern North America and Mexico Dr. Paul Wetmore
Charles W. McCrackin Quasi 3-Dimensional Electrical Resistivity Mapping of Air-filled Karst Conduits and Policy Implications Dr. Philip van Beynen
Marc Aaron Poling Walking in the Land of Cars: Automobile-Pedestrian Accidents in Hillsborough County, Florida Dr. Pratyusha Basu
Michael Joseph Reyes Use of Adventitious Roots for the Determination of Hydroperiod in Isolated Wetlands Dr. Philip van Beynen
Jason Richardson The Effect of Mortgage Liberalization on Housing Patterns in Tampa Bay Dr. Kevin Archer
Tiffany Roberts Natural and Anthropologically-Influenced Morphodynamics of Sandy and Mixed Sand and Gravel Beaches Dr. Ping Wang
Michael Suver Environmental Change and Place-Based Identities: Sponge Fishing in Tarpon Springs, Florida Dr. Pratyusha Basu
Fenqing Weng Mapping and Assessing Urban Impervious Areas Using Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis: A Case Study in the City of Tampa, Florida Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Amie October West Something is Askew in Florida's Water: Arguing for a Better Descriptive Statistic for Positively Skewed Water-Quality Data Dr. H. Len Vacher

Masters Theses, 2011

StudentThesis TitleAdvisor
Anthony Thomas Betts Assessment of a Countywide Stormwater Pond Improvement Project: Impacts of the Hillsborough County Adopt-a-Pond Program Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Katherine Brutché First Year Sedimentological Characteristics and Morphological Evolution of an Artificial Berm at Fort Myers Beach, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Nathan Collins Geochemical Systematics Among Amphibolitic Rocks in the Central Blue Ridge Province of southwestern North Carolina Dr. Jeff Ryan
Marina Leigh Foote Examining Reasons for Bottled Water Consumption: A Case Study in Pensacola, Florida Dr. Pratyusha Basu
Justin Henry Heller Relative Abundance and Spatial Distribution of Lepomid Sunfishes in the Peace River Dr. Joni Downs
Kyle Ray Hirvela Park Access and Distributional Inequities in Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
Mark Kiyoshi Hurst A Comparison of Ecological Conditions and Relationships in an Altered Wetland and an Unaltered Wetland Dr. Philip Reeder
Rebecca Whitehead Loraamm Road-based Landscape Metrics for Quantifying Habitat Fragmentation Dr. Joni A. Downs
Michael Lucas The Search for the Missing Mantles of Differentiated Asteroids: Evidence from Taxonomic A-class Asteroids and Olivine-Dominated Achondrite Meteorites Dr. Jeff Ryan
Cristina A. Mazza The Influence of Meteorological Parameters on Rainfall and Severe Weather in Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Jennifer Collins
Corey R. Leonard Ozan Evaluating the Effects of Beach Nourishment on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting in Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Joni Downs
Lin Allen Ozan Evaluating the Effectiveness of Irrigation Restrictions within Key Communities in Tampa, Florida Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Victoria A. Spence Estimating Groundwater Discharge in the Oligohaline Ecotone of the Everglades Using Temperature as a Tracer and Variable-Density Groundwater Models Dr. Mark Rains
Joshua Slattery Late Cretaceous faunal dynamics in the Western Interior Seaway: the record from the Red Bird Section, eastern Wyoming Dr. Peter J. Harries
Denis Voytenko Modeling Direct Runoff Hydrographs with the Surge Function Dr. Len Vacher

Masters Theses, 2010

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Stuart Bancroft Optimizing the Imaging of Multiple Frequency Datasets Using Composite Radargrams: An Example from Santa Rosa Island, Florida Dr. Sarah Kruse
Peter Bumpus Self-Potential Response to Rainfall Changes Over Plugged and Unplugged Sinkholes in a Covered-Karst Terrain Dr. Sarah Kruse
Sean M. Callihan Constraining the Geometry and Evolution of the Maneadero Basin, Baja California, Mexico Dr. Paul Wetmore
James Funderburk Modern Variation in Predation Intensity: Constraints on Assessing Predator-Prey Relationship in Paleoecologic Reconstructions Dr. Peter Harries
Gerhard Becker The Ports of Tampa and Hamburg and the Qualitative Impacts on their Communities Dr. Kevin W. Archer
Dr. Graham Tobin
Alec Foster A Contingent Valuation of Tampa's Urban Forest Resource Dr. Graham Tobin
Bradley Gooch Improving Ground Penetrating Radar Resolution of Features of Active Sinkholes Dr. Sarah Kruse
Wayne Walter Kilgore Seismic and geodetic investigation of the 1996-1998 earthquake swarm at Strandline Lake, Alaska Dr. Diana Roman
Shannon C. Ladd A Retrospective Analysis of the Potential Environmental Stressors Responsible for the Decline of the Natural Populations of the Florida Apple Snail (Pomacea paludosa) in the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Dr. Joni Downs
Meghan Marie Lindsey Detailed stratigraphy and geochemistry of Lower Mount Rogers Formation metavolcanic units exposed on Elk Garden Ridge, Va. Dr. Jeff Ryan
Michael B. Meyer How plastic is Vendobionta morphology? A geometric morphometric study of two groups of Pteridinium from the latest Neoproterozoic Dr. Peter J. Harries
Nathan Miller The Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Individual Fishing Quote Program: The Effects on the Fishing Industry and Potential Outlook Dr. Kamal Alsharif
Adam Springer Constraining basin geometry and fault kinematics on the Santo Tomas segment of the Agua Blanca fault through a combined geophysical and structural study Dr. Paul Wetmore
Eric Stone Hydrogeology Internship project: "Assessing Saturated/Unsaturated Zone Flow Groundwater Interaction Using the MODFLOW-2005 UZF1 Package" Dr. Ping Wang

Masters Theses, 2009

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Jason Bellino Effects of geomorphic setting on shallow-groundwater exchange and water temperature of salmon-bearing headwater streams of the Lower Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Dr. Mark Rains
Jennifer Chelladurai Using Keeling Plots to Trace d13 C and d18O of CO2 Through Processes of Heterotrophic Respiration, Diffusion and Soil Water Equilibrium in Artificial C3- and C4- Grassland Soils Dr. Jonathan Wynn
Angela Dippold Detailed Geochemical Investigation of the Mineralogic Associations of Arsenic and Antimony Within the Avon Park Formation, Central Florida: Implications for Aquifer Storage and Recovery Dr. Thomas Pichler
Daniel G. Hammond Evaluating dissolved oxygen regimes along a gradient of human disturbance for lotic systems in west-central Florida</td> Dr. Graham Tobin
Julie McKnight Trophic enrichment patterns of d13C in organic matter of molluscan shell : implications for reconstructing ancient environments and food webs Dr. Greg Herbert
Natalie Pechenik Lateral Macropore Dominated Flow on Clay Settling Areas in the Phosphate Mining District, Peninsular Florida Dr. Mark Rains
John Sumrall Using 34-S as a Tracer of Dissolved Sulfur Species from Springs to Cave Sulfate Deposits in the Cerna Valley, Romania Dr. Bogdan Onac

Masters Theses, 2008

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Tanya M. Beck Morphodynamics of two anthropogenically altered tidal inlets: New Pass and Big Sarasota Pass, west-central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Amanda Leonard Hintz Physical volcanology and hazard analysis of a young monogenetic volcanic field: Black Rock Desert, Utah Dr. Charles Connor
Mark Horwitz Sedimentological Characteristics and 3-D Internal Architecture of Washover Deposits from Hurricanes Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne Dr. Ping Wang
Cynthia M. Meyer Application of remote sensing methods to assess the spatial eextent of the seagrass resource in St. Joseph Sound and Clearwater Harbor, Florida, USA Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Shubhabrata Paul Prey-size selectivity in the bivalve Chione in the Florida Pliocene-Pleistocene: a reevaluation Dr. Greg Herbert
Katherine M. Powell Quantifying Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) in Wetlands Impacted by Groundwater Withdrawals in West-Central Florida Dr. Jonathan Wynn
Tiffany M. Roberts Limits of Beach Erosion and Dune Erosion in Response to Wave Runup from Large-Scale Laboratory Data Dr. Ping Wang
John Spencer Comparing a Low-Volume Piezometer to Traditional Wells in Evaluating Hydraulic Lag Caused by Low-Permeability Sediments Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Fatin Tutak Petrographic and Kinematic Investigation of the Volcaniclastic and Plutonic Rocks of the Northern Alisitos Arc, Baja California, Mexico Dr. Paul Wetmore

Masters Theses, 2007

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Sara E. Allen Florida red tides: public perceptions of risk Dr. Graham Tobin
Joshua Anderson Climatic and structural controls on the geomorphology of Wadi Sana, Highland Southern Yemen Dr. Rick Oches
Ana Jimenez Influence of evapotranspiration on patterns of ground-water conductivity in small basins Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Kyle Kelso Natural and anthropogenic influences on flow patterns and sediment characteristic in the Dona and Roberts Bay Estuarine System, Sarasota County, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Michael Kittridge Cost/effectiveness analysis of obtaining operational estimates of reference evapotranspiration, Peninsular Florida, USA Dr. Mark Rains
Jason LaRoche Hydrostratigraphy and groundwater migration within surficial deposits at the North Lakes Wetland, Hillsborough County, Florid Dr. Mark Rains
Heather L. Lehto Self-potential anomalies and CO2 flux on active volcanoes: insights from time and spatial series at Masaya, Telica and Cerro Negro, Nicaragua Dr. Charles Connor
Kathryn Murphy Hydrological connectivity between clay settling areas and surrounding hydrological landscapes in the phosphate mining district, Peninsular Florida, USA Dr. Mark Rains
Leslie A. North Application and Refinement of the Karst Disturbance Index in West Central Florida Dr. Philip van Beynen
Dr. Philip Reeder
Kali Pace-Graczyk Isotopic investigations of cave drip waters and precipitation in central and northern Florida, USA Dr. Bogdan Onac
John Petriello Thicknesses and density-current velocities of a low-aspect ratio ignimbrite at the Pululagua Volcanic Complex, Ecuador, derived from ground penetrating radar Dr. Charles Connor
April E. Raulerson Hurricane Forecasting, Warning and Response Systems: A Lake Wales Public Perception Study Dr. Graham Tobin
Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty
Lanora Sava The molluscan and brachiopod fauna of the Late Cretaceous Pierre Shale (Baculites compressus/Baculites cuneatus biozones) near Kremmling, Colorado Dr. Peter Harries

Masters Theses, 2006

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Daniel Robert Dye Monitoring and modeling water quality at the C.W. Young Regional Reservoir Dr. Robert Brinkmann
Arnell S. Harrison Evaluating the reliability of continuous resistivity profiling to detect submarine groundwater discharge in a shallow marine environment: Sarasota Bay, Florida Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Clay Kelsey The Application of a Modified Human Development Index: Spatial Modeling of Socioeconomic Well-being for Florida Counties Dr. Graham Tobin
Paul O. Knorr The case for higher-order Pleistocene sea-level fluctuations in Southwest Florida Dr. Peter J. Harries
Joseph Krivanek Reef recovery after the late Devonian mass extinction: evidence from the Dugway Range Dr. Peter J. Harries
Richard MacNeil Geophysical investigations and groundwater modeling of the hydrologic conditions at Masaya Caldera, Nicaragua Dr. Charles B. Connor
Ashley de Silva Investigation of Cretaceous molluscan shell material for isotopic integrity: Examples and implications from the Baculites compressus/cuneatus biozones (Campanian) of the Western Interior Seaway Dr. Peter J. Harries
Matthew Weiss Evaluation of geophysical and thermal methods for detecting submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) in the Suwannee River Estuary, Florida Dr. Sarah E. Kruse

Masters Theses, 2005

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Marc A. Byrne Mapping the major axis of tephra dispersion with a mesoscle atmospheric model: Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua Dr. Graham Tobin
Dr. Arlene Laing
Joseph Haber Designing a network to monitor nutrients in the upper Florida aquifer, west-central Florida Dr. H.L Vacher
Judy Harden Light element and lithium isotope signatures of the EM II reservoir – the Society Islands of French Polynesia: Geochemical results and an educational application Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan
Dr. H.L. (Len) Vacher
William C. Hutchings The effects of micro-scale heterogeneities on aquifer storage recovery systems Dr. H.L. Vacher
Jason W. Kirkpatrick Site 1078 remediation demonstration project using chemical oxidation technology, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida Dr. H.L. Vacher
Jennifer Krock Historical morphodynamics of John’s Pass, west-central Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Raymond A. Miller Modeling hurricane evacuation vulnerability: A case study of Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Larry Seale Creation, analysis and evaluation of remote sensing sinkhole databases for Pinellas County, Florida Dr. H.L. Vacher
Limaris Soto Reconstruction of Late Holocene precipitation for central Florida as derived from isotopes in speleothems Dr. Philip van Beynen
David Tidwell Sedimentation patterns and hydrodynamics of a wave-dominated tidal inlet: Blind Pass, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Jeremy White Application of residual mapping to a transient groundwater flow model Dr. M. Stewart

Masters Theses, 2004

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Brian J. Armstrong Reducing dry-season agricultural seepage entering Flatford Swamp, Manatee County, Florida, USA Dr. H. Leonard Vacher
Heather Bell Efficient and effective? the hundred year flood in the communication and perception of flood risk Dr. Graham Tobin
William J. Greenwood Mapping porewater salinity with electromagnetic and electrical methods in shallow coastal environments: Terra Ceia, Florida Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Steve Guggino Seasonality in western equatorial Pangaea during the Early Permian (Upper Sakmarian): d18O, d13C and elemental analysis of brachiopod shells from the Robledo Mountains, New Mexico, USA Dr. Peter J. Harries
Swagata Guha Ground penetrating radar response to this layers: Examples from Waites Island, South Carolina Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Janell M. Harvey Protecting Biscayne: an analysis of strategies for the protection of Biscayne National Park Dr. Eric A. Oches
Olesya Lazareva Detailed geochemical and mineralogical analysis of naturally ocurring arsenic in the Hawthorn Group, southwestern Florida Dr. T. Pichler
Kristin Martin Limitations of the advection-diffusion equation for modeling tephra fallout: 1992 eruption of Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua Dr. Charles Connor
Kevin McCarthy A geochemical characterization of the Champagne Hot Springs shallow hydrothermal vent field, Dominica, Lesser Antilles Dr. Thomas Pichler
Philip Anthony Ranalli Small drainage basins and the probable maximum flood: a flood inundation study of an anticipated extreme storm event in West Central Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Alyssa Saint John Characteristics of a rapidly, chronically eroding beach: A case study of Long Key, Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Ping Wang
Ginger Tilling Aminostratigraphy of Pleistocene sediments in Florida Dr. Eric A. Oches
Richard A. Walther Amino acid paleothermometry of gastropod shells applied to a loess profile in central Europe Dr. Eric A. Oches
Jennifer Weller Bayesian inference in forecasting volcanic hazards: An example from Armenia Dr. Charles Connor
Jack Wilhoit Morphodynamics of Buncas Pass, Florida Dr. R.A. Davis

Masters Theses, 2003

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Morgan H. Crawford Feasibility and emissions of compression ignition engines fueled with waste vegetable oil Dr. Beverly Ward
Erin P. Hughey Community size and response to hazards: a case study of Falmouth, Kentucky and the flood of 1997 Dr. Graham Tobin
Lucille Richards Lane Hazard vulnerability in socio-economic context: an example from Ecuador Dr. Graham Tobin
Roy Price Abundance and mineralogical associations of naturally ocurring arsenic in the upper Floridian aquifer, Suwanne Limestone Dr. Thomas Pichler
Giulio I. Scarzella Source, mobility and fate of arsenic at four golf courses, Hillsborough County, Florida Dr. Thomas Pichler
Kara Elizabeth Teague Environmental ramification of the fire ecology of slash pine (Pinus elliottii): a study of population dynamics and dispersal following a fire event Dr. Gordon A. Fox
Kevin A. van Cleave Carbonates in ALH84001: Implications for past life on Mars Dr. Lisa Robbins,
Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan

Masters Theses, 2002

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Chris Bryant
Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging, Grain Size Analysis, Porosity, and Seepage Characteristics of impoundments, Southwest Florida
Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Kelly Moore
Aminostratigraphy of the Late Pleistocene Loess of Europe
Dr. Eric A. Oches
Loren E. North
Direct detection of dense non-aqueous phase liquids in the subsurface using geophysical techniques
Georgia H. De Stoppelaire Impact of horse grazing on American beachgrass and dune geomorphology: Assateague National Seashore, USA Dr. Graham Tobin
Matthew P. Wissler
Natural and anthropogenic controls of the hydrogeology of a barrier island, Cape Canaveral, FL
Dr. Thomas Pichler

Masters Theses, 2001

Student Thesis Title Advisor
John W. Barco III Soil Morphology of a Portion of the Brooksville Ridge, Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Darren Meadows Seasonal and Anthropogenic changes in the Fresh/Brackish Water lens of the Torchwood Preserve, Little Torch Key, Florida Dr. Sarah E. Kruse
Kerri Nawrocki Coastal Wetland Surface Elevation changes: Salt Marsh and Mangrove Systems, Tampa Bay, Florida Dr. Eric A. Oches
Michelle Thompson
Gigantism and Dolomite Replacement in the Deans’s trucking Pit Molluscs (Early to Middle Miocene), Sarasota Country, Florida
Dr. Peter J. Harries
Livio Tornabene
The Gatun Structure: A Geological Assessment of A Newly Recognized Impact Structure Near Gatun Lake in the Republic De Panama

Masters Theses, 2000

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Carl Albury Determining the feasibility for Wetland Rehydration: Simulation of Application Rates and Transport of Reclaimed Water. North Lakes Wetland Project Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Anand Erik Boice Evolutionary Tempo and Mode of the Inoceramid Bivalves Following the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary Dr. Peter J. Harries
Becky L. Bortnick Post-construction adjustment of nourished beaches: Examples from Pinellas County, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Christopher Emrick Modeling Community Risk and Vulnerability to Multiple Natural Hazards: Hillsborough County, Florida Dr. Graham Tobin
Tiffany Hepner Effect of El Niño (1997-98) on the peninsular gulf coast of Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Rebecca Howze Frost and Freeze Hazards: One Assessment of Central Florida Citrus Growers with Respect to Vulnerability Reduction Dr. Graham Tobin
Brian Penney Lightning Perception: An Atmospheric Hazard? Dr. Graham Tobin
Noreen Purcell Reassessing the Aminostratigraphy of Eolianites on San Salvador Island, Bahamas Dr. Eric A. Oches
Steve Scruggs GPR imaging and geostatistical characterization of limestone beneath wetland vegetation in southwest Florida

Dr. Sarah E. Kruse

Masters Theses, 1999

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Becker, May Ling Interaction of tidal inlets on a microtidal coast: A study of Boca Ciega Bay, John’s Pass, and Blind Pass

Dr. H. Leonard Vacher
Dr. Mark Ross (Civil.Eng.)

Elko, Nicole Long-term beach performance and sediment budget of Long Key, Pinellas County, FL Dr. Richard A. Davis
Ozanne, Colin R. The role of predation, parasitism and disease in the extinction of the inoceramides: An evaluation Dr. Peter J. Harries
Savov, Ivan Petrov Petrology and geochemistry of the late Precambrian Balkan-Carpathian ophiolite, Bulgaria and Serbia Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan

Masters Theses, 1998

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Andrews, Samantha Debra Comparative Biogeochemistry of Modern, Fossil, and Artifically Aged Molluscs Using Protein, Amino Acid, Stable Isotopic and Ultrastructural Methods Dr. Lisa L. Robbins
Barnard, Patrick Lewis Historical morphodynamics of inlet channels: West-central Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Emilio, Michael Charles Metamorphic Evolution of the Buck Creek Mafic-Ultramafic Complex, Clay County, North Carolina, USA Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan
Goddard, Michele The Geophysical Delineation of the Fresh-water/Salt-water Interface in the Weeki Wachee River Basin, Hernando County, Florida Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Hand, Jacqueline Geologic development and modern morphodynamics of Dog Island, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Hilderbrand, Douglas Elemental Ratio Determination Via ICP-MS and DCP-AES: Methodology To Extract Climate Records From Coral Aragonite Dr. Terry Quinn
Kugler, Noah Numerical simulation of freshwater lenses in barrier islands Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Norrell, Suzanne Petrogenesis of Alkaline and Subalkaline Lavas from Southeastern Russia Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan
Shoemaker, Wayne Barclay Resolution of subsurface stratigraphy using geophysical techniques Dr. Mark T. Stewart

Dr. Sarah E. Kruse

Masters Theses, 1997

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Ciriello, Deidra Geophysical Analysis of Groundwater Lenses in Key Largo, Florida Dr. H. Leonard Vacher
Ferguson, IV, Thomas W Post-Miocene Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Valley Fill Sequences at the Mouth of Tampa Bay Dr. Richard A. Davis
Kling, Jennifer The Morphodynamics of Egmont Key, Hillsborough County, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Schmidt, Matthew Paleoceanography of the North American Western Interior Seaway Based on Geochemical Analysis of Carbonate Shell Material Dr. Peter J. Harries
Spurgeon, Darren L. Origin and Distribution of Beachrock, Siesta Key, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Yale, Kristin E . Regional Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Barrier Islands, West-central Coast of Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis

Masters Theses, 1996

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Austin, Phil Boron and Beryllium of the Kamchatka Arc: The Roles of Rifting and Assimiltion in Continental Arcs Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan

Bahtijarevic, Aida Karst Landforms in Florida, Geo-morphological Analysis Dr. Sam Upchurch
Cargill, John G. IV Surface Sediment Facies Distribution and Holocene Stratigraphy of the Northern  Great Bahama Bank Dr. Richard A. Davis
Countryman, Roger A. II Geophysical Delineation of the Position of the Saltwater Interface in the Lower Suwannee River Basin Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Pekala, John Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Anna Maria Island, Manatee County, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis

Masters Theses, 1995

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Fatherree, James W. Isotope Paleontology of Selected Molluscs from the Upper Pierre Shale (Late Campanian-Early Maastrictian) from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway of North America Dr. Peter J. Harries
Fitzgerald, Megan Stratigraphy of tidal and fluvial paleochannel sequences beneath West-Central Florida gulf coast barrier islands Dr. Richard A. Davis
Harrison, Holly R. Paleoecology and Taphonomy of Carolina Pecten Ebareus

Dr. Peter J. Harries
Dr. Terry Quinn

Hawkins, Sharon Intracrystalline proteins in Aragoniteneedle mud from Florida Bay: An Immunological and Biogeochemical Study Dr. Lisa L. Robbins
Kayser, Richard An investigation of climatic and environmental change during the middle pliocene in Southwest Florida using the elemental geochemistry of a pristine fossil coral Dr. Terry Quinn
Kowalski, Katherine Morphodynamics and stratigraphy of big Sarasota pass and new pass ebb-tidal deltas, Sarasota County, Florida Dr. Richard A. Davis
Morrison, Kevin Numerical Model of a Fractured Aquifer Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Sedgwick, Peter E. Stratigraphy of Washover Deposits in Florida: Implications for Recognition in the Stratigraphic Record Dr. Richard A. Davis
Trout, Kenneth Modeling groundwater flow in a vertical cross section using the Kirkham-Strack methodology Dr. H. Leonard Vacher

Masters Theses, 1994

Student Thesis Title Advisor
Harrison, Clifford Henry IV Effects of Environmental Changes on Molluscan Evolutionary Patterns, Gosport Sand (Middle Eocene), Southwest Alabama Dr. Lisa L. Robbins
Langevin, Christain Numerical Model of Porewater Fluxes in a Hypothetical Florida Bay Mud Island Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Dr. H. Leonard Vacher
Roulier, Leanne M. Seasonal-To-Decadal-Climatic Variability In Southwestern Florida During The Middle Pliocene Warm Interval: Inferences From A Coralline Stable Isotope Record Dr. Terry Quinn
Schellenberg, Steven A. Middle Pleistocene Oceanographic And Environmental Conditions In Shallow-Marine Waters Of The Southwestern Clombian Basin: Inferences From The Stable-Isotope Record Of A Fossil Dr. Terry Quinn
Schneider, Tracy Numerical Analysis of Seawater Fluxes in Coastal Systems Dr. Mark T. Stewart
Tao, Yucong Whitings on the Great Bahama Bank: Distribution in Space and Time Using Space Shuttle Photograph Dr. Lisa L. Robbins
Tenthorey, Eric Petrogenesis of a sapphirine-bearing Meta-troctolite in the Buck Creek, Ultramafic Body, Clay County, North Carolina, USA Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan
Dr. Eleanour Snow
Wyatt, Jennifer L. Petrography & Geochemistry of Limestones at Limalok & Wodejebato Guyots (ODP Sites 871 & 874), Republic of the Marshall Islands Dr. Terry Quinn

Masters Theses, 1993

Student Thesis Title
Caballero, Julian Salinity Variation in the Upper Saturated Zone of Sugarloaf Key, Florida
Chen, Jian A Study of Sinkholes as a Point Source Contamination in Hillsborough County, FL .
Creaser, Gary Wave Refraction Analysis as a Tool for Beach Nourishment Performance Prediction: Indian Rocks Beach, Pinellas County, FL .
Fuller, John Numerical Analysis of Thermally Driven Ground-Water Flow in a Carbonate Platform
Haney, Rebecca Process-Response Study of Sediment Textures on a Nourished Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Pinellas County
Ketcher, Kathleen Preliminary Biostratigraphy of Plio-Pleistocene Deposits in Southern Central Florida
Latham, Dave Hydrostratigraphy of the Lake Wales Ridge, Central Florida
Spratt, James Geophysical Evaluation & Hydro. Significance of Fractures in the Florida Aquifer
Taraszki, Michael Modeling Sodium Precipitation in the Vadose Zone of Essez Valley, Jamaica
Langevin, Christian D.Numerical model of porewater fluxes in a hypothetical Florida bay mud island

Masters Theses, 1992

Student Thesis Title
Farkas, Thomas Ground Water Flow to Drains: Semianalytical Model for Residence Time
Parker, John Surficial Aquifer Hydrogeology in a Covered-Karst Terrane
Powers, John Numerical and Analytical Modeling of Double-Porosity Aquifers
Sherman, Sarah Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Saba, Northern Lesser Antilles

Masters Theses, 1991

Student Thesis Title
Calderon-Zanoria, Avena Volcanology and Geochemistry of the Cavite-Batangas Highland, Southwestern Luzon, Philippines
Cuffe, C. Kelly Development and Stratigraphy of Ebb-and Flood-Tidal Deltas at Hurricane Pass, Pinellas County, Florida
Delfin, Francisco G. Jr. Petrogenesis of Mt. Bulusan Volcanic Complex, Bicol Cra, The Philippines
Foss, Daniel Chemical Interaction of Surficial Aquifer Water With Floridan Aquifer Water in Recharge Well Environment
Gibbs, Ann E. Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Three Rooker Bar: A Recently Emergent Barrier Island on the West-Central Coast of Florida
Hogg, R. Warren Hydrogeologic Investigation of Dolomitization of the Little Bahama Bank Utilizing SUTRA
Hogue, Robert C. Time Series Investigation of Beach Sediments, Pinellas County, Florida
Jackson, Thomas Study of Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks at E. La Yeguada Volcanic Complex, Panama
Jones, Ian C. Ion Transport Within the Floridan Aquifer, West-Central Florida
Murphy, Tauna Properties of Ground-Water Chemical Data - North Central Florida
Papetti, Lawrence W. Heavy Minerals in Holocene Sediments of the Inner Florida Atlantic Continental Shelf
Robinson, James Determination of Ground-Water Residence Time in Idealized Unconfined Flow Systems
Troyer, Paulette Geology of the Rock Eagle Complex, Central Georgia

Masters Theses, 1990

Student Thesis Title
Beaudoin, Cathleen The Effects of Dredge and Fill Canals on the Fresh-Water Lens of a Small Oceanic Island, Big Pine Key, Florida
Dawson, Roger J. Implications of the Gravity Potential Field Surrounding the Presley Mill Gabbro-Putnam County, Georgia
Gaddis-Redmond, Cynthia Gravity Investigation of the Gladesville Gabbro and Surrounding Area,
Berner  Mafic Complex, Georgia
Herrygers, Ronald F. Jr. Effect of Shell on Nourishment Performance, Redington Beach, Pinellas County, Florida
Kemble-McKenna, Kimberly Time-series Analysis of Beach Morphology Pinellas County, Florida
Richerson, Phil Geology and Geochemistry of Related Rocks from LaYeguada Volcanic Complex, Panama
Ryan, Keith W Comparison of Water-budget and Numerical-modeling Methods for Assessing Lake/Ground Water Interactions
Shaw, Stephen K. Isotopic Analysis of Diagenetic Carbonates from the Green-Acre Mine, Marion Cty, FL
Wallis, Thomas N. Hydrogeological Analysis and Conceptual Model of the Freshwater Lens atOcean Bight, Great Exuma, Bahamas
Wightman, Michael Geophysical Analysis and Dupuit-Ghyben-Herzberg Modeling of Fresh-Water Lenses on Big Pine Key, Florida
York, Debra R. Stratigraphy of Fluvial Terraces on Savannah River at the Gregg Shoals and Clyde Gulley Archaeological Sites, Elbert County, Georgia

Older M.S. Theses available through the USF Virtual Library

Student Thesis Title
Crowe, Douglas, 1983
Stratigraphy and Geologic History, Bunces Key, Pinellas County, Florida