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Jun  Cheng

Jun Cheng

Jun Cheng
Post Doctoral Researcher


Office: NES 117
Phone: 813/974-2759



Ph.D. in Geology, 2015, University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)
Dissertation: Multiple Scale of Beach Morphodynamic Processes: Measurements and Modelling
Advisor: Dr. Ping Wang

M.S. in Physical Geography, 2009, Nanjing University (Nanjing, China)
Thesis: Growth Limit of Tidal Flat along the Coast of Jiangsu Province,
Advisor: Dr. Shu Gao

B.S. in Geography, Nantong University, (Nantong, China)

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
85986GLY 4734001Beaches/Coastal Environments


EDU 314

Recent Publications

  • Guo, Q., Pu R. Li, J., Cheng, J. (2017). An Enhanced Normalized Difference Water Index for Water Extraction Using Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 38 (19), 5430-5445.
  • Guo, Q.D., Pu R., and Cheng, J. (2016). Anomaly Detection from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery. Geosciences, 6 (4), 56.
  • Cheng, J., Wang, P., and Guo. Q.D. (2016). Measuring Beach Profiles along a Low-Wave Energy Microtidal Coast, West-Central Florida, USA. Geosciences, 6 (4), 44.
  • Cheng J., Wang, P., and Smith, R.E. (2016). Hydrodynamic Conditions Associated with an Onshore Migrating and Stable Sandbar. Journal of Coastal Research 32(1): 153-163.
  • Cheng, J. and Wang, P. (2015). Extracting Turbulence under Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone. J. Waterway, Port, Coastal, Ocean Eng. (141)6:06015003-1-06015003-10.
  • Pu, R., and Cheng, J. (2015). Mapping Forest Leaf Area Index Using Reflectance and Textural Information Derived from WorldView-2 Imagery in a Mixed Natural Forest Area in Florida, US. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 42: 11-23.