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Graduate Students in the Volcano Group

Current students and their projects:

  • Robert Constantinescu (PhD) - Probabilistic volcanic hazard assessment
  • Fanghui Deng (PhD) - Crustal magma migration and volcano distribution; Topography from remote sensing
  • Stephanie Drumm (MS) - Volatile and trace element geochemistry of depleted and enriched basalts along the East Pacific Rise
  • Sanaz Esmaeili (PhD) - High-resolution ground penetrating radar imaging of lava tubes
  • Alex Farrell (PhD) - Amplitude variations for teleseisms at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia, showing attenuation structure
  • Lis Gallant (PhD) - Probabilistic models of lava flow inundation for the Eastern Snake River Plain; imaging lava flows with terrestrial InSar
  • Ophelia George (PhD) - Volcano-tectonic interction, modeling and hazards assessment in Japan and Dominica
  • Danielle Koebli (MS) - Petrogenesis and storage; the differentiation of magmas in the San Rafael Volcanic field, Utah
  • Davit Manucharyan (PhD)- Origin of volcano clusters on the flanks of Aragatz volcano, Armenia modeling silicic lava flows
  • Heather McFarlin (PhD) - Receiver functions for stations on Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia, showing crustal and magma body properties
  • Diana Miller (PhD) - Modeling of lava flows
  • Mary Njoroge (PhD) - Geophysical evidence of past magma emplacement and modeling of related deformation
  • Chris Perry (PhD) - Petrogenesis of regional magma sources in the Lassen Volcanic field
  • Steven Rizo (PhD) - Volumes and duration of activity for Lassen volcanic field edifices, cinder cones, shields and domes
  • Cassandra Smith (PhD) - Volcanic lightning at Sakurajima volcano, Japan
  • Surui Xie (PhD)- Development of new observational tools for submarine volcano deformation monitoring