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Hydrology Group

We conduct research in the physical, chemical, and biological domains of hydrologic sciences. We are particularly interested in the intersection of humans and the natural environment, including water as both a natural resource and a natural hazard and how the hydrologic sciences can inform policy and decision-making. We employ field, laboratory, and remote sensing technologies in our data collection, and GIS/geospatial analysis and analytical, statistical, and numerical modeling in our data analysis. We work world-wide, with recent or ongoing projects throughout North America, including Alaska; Latin America and the Caribbean Basin; the South Pacific; and Greenland.


Kamal Alsharif : Water resources management and policy
Jason Gulley : Glacial and karst hydrogeology
Shawn Landry : Environmental geography; remote sensing; geospatial analysis; GIS/GPS
Matt Pasek : Astrobiology; geochemistry; cosmochemistry
Kai Rains : Wetland science; plant ecology; biogeochemistry and soil science; geospatial analysis; GIS/GPS
Mark Rains : Ecohydrology; wetlands, rivers, estuaries; scientific support of policy and decision-making
Graham Tobin : Natural hazards; water resources


Ecohydrology Research Group

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Center for Geochemical Analysis

Water Institute

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