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Paleobiology Research Group

USF Paleobiology graduate students pursue a diversity of macroevolutionary and paleoecological research topics that cover Phanerozoic- to ecological timescales. Ongoing work is focused primarily on macroinvertebrate fossils and includes studies of the timing and selectivity of extinction, environmental drivers of speciation, morphological evolution, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, adaptive radiations, phylogenetic systematics and predator-prey arms races.

Graduate students on this track have recently worked in Cretaceous sites in the western U.S., in Cenozoic sites in the Neogene of Florida, Mexico, East Africa, and India, and on research cruises in the Gulf of Mexico.


Peter Harries    Greg Herbert    Brian Andres     Matt Olney    Jonathan Wynn   

Current Graduate Students

Nasser M. AlQattan (PhD) -
Heather Bender (MS) -
Claire Flannagan (PhD) -
Matthew Hayes (PhD) -
Scott Ishler (PhD) -
Matthew Jarrett (PhD) - Morphometrics, speciation
Joshua Slattery (PhD) - Faunal change
Kaydee West (PhD) -
Jessica Wilson (PhD) -

Former Graduate Students

Andrés L. Cárdenas (PhD 2012) - Macroevolution, speciation. Paleobiologic Assessment of Controls Underlying Long-term Diversity Dynamics

Jack A. Hutchings (MS 2012) - Evolutionary arms races. No Honor Among Snails: Conspecific Competition Leads to Incomplete Drill Holes in the Naticid Gastropod Neverita delessertiana (Récluz)

Subhronil Mondal (PhD 2014) - Evolutionary arms races. Short- and Long-term trends in ecological interactions: from predator:prey interactions to phanerozoic diversification

Shubhabrata Paul (PhD 2013) - Quantitative paleobiology, biodiversity. Ecology of the Late Neogene Extinctions: Perspectives from the Plio-Pleistocene of Florida

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