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Radar-related publications (journal articles, refereed reports)


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Radar-related theses

Leah Courtland (Ph.D. 2013) Deciphering Deposits: Using ground penetrating radar and numerical modeling to characterize the emplacement mechanisms and associated energetics of scoria cone eruptions

Susanne Ettinger (Ph.D. 2012), Université Blaise Pascal, Geomorphological impact of lahars on the southwestern flank of Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador - drainage system and alluvial fan.

Stuart Bancroft (2010), Optimizing the imaging of multiple frequency GPR datasets using composite radargrams: An example from Santa Rosa Island, Florida.

Bradley Gooch (2010), Improving ground penetrating radar resolution of features of active sinkholes.

John Petriello (2007), co-advisor with Charles Connor, The nature of low aspect-ratio ignimbrite thinning at the Pululagua volcanic complex, Ecuador.

Swagata Guha (M.S. 2004), Ground penetrating response to thin layers: Examples from Waites Island, South Carolina

Chris Bryant (M.S. 2002), Ground penetrating radar imaging and seepage characteristics of impoundments, southwest Florida.

James Allen (B.S. Honors 2000), Computer Simulation of Ground Penetrating Radar Propagation Through A Freshwater/Saltwater Interface.