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 Daniel  Cleary

Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary






My research involves the reconstruction of past climate by considering its influence on the carbon isotopes, nitrogen isotopes, and pollen preserved in cave bat guano. Through my research I was able to determine how to use nitrogen isotopes as a paleoclimatic proxy, via the influence of precipitation on the nitrogen cycle. I am currently working on three guano cores from north and southwestern Romania that will shed light on how climate has varied since the AD 800. To do this, I will examine how vegetation assemblages in these regions have evolved over the past 2000 years and consider those changes within the context of climate. The culmination of my doctoral work at USF will be a developed climate history of Romania from the northern Carpathian Mountains to the southwestern Carpathians near the Danube River.


Petroniu Onac


Cleary, D.M., Onac, P.B., Forray, F., Wynn, J.G. (2016). Effect of diet, anthropogenic activity, and climate on d15N values of cave bat guano. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 461, 87-97.

Denniston, R.F., Wyrwoll, K-H., Polyak, V.J., Brown, J.R., Asmerom, Y., Wanamaker Jr., A.D., LaPointe, Z., Ellerbroek, R., Barthelmes, M., Cleary, D.M., Cugley, J., Woods, D., Humphreys, W.F., A stalagmite record of Holocene Indonesian-Australian summer monsson variability from the Australian tropics. (2013). Quaternary Science Reviews, 78, 155-168.


PhD Geology


Karst Paleoclimate