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Undergraduate Geosciences Advising

Geosciences Advising is available for Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science and Policy majors, as well as Environmental Policy, GIS & Technology and Geology minors.

Academic Advising is the process in which the student and advisor explore the student’s academic and career goals, as well as personal strengths and challenges. The ultimate goal of advising is to empower you (the student) to make positive and productive academic and career choices. Advising is an ongoing process that requires the active participation of the student during advising sessions, as well as follow through and continued perseverance after we meet. I encourage each student to monitor their academic progress on Degreeworks, to meet with their professors to explore academic interests, strengths and challenges, and to meet with me once each semester.

Geosciences Advisor:

Tess Ippolito 
Office: SCA 207
Office Phone: (813) 974-3250

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Appointments and Walk-Ins

As a student, you can make a 30-minute appointment on Archivum. If you are a non-student visit the non-student scheduler to make an appointment.

All March Geosciences Walkins are currently cancelled. Please direct all questions to Thank you for your understanding.

Course Permits

Request permits at the following link: Request a Permit.

Declaration of Major

Students who wish to declare their major can do so online.

Declaration of Minor

Students who wish to declare a minor can do so online.

Transfer Course Evaluations (for Geosciences Courses only)

Step 1: Locate a copy of the syllabus or course catalog information for your transfer geoscience course. If you do not still have a copy, you can contact your previous school and request one. 
Step 2: Scan your syllabus into a PDF file or attach it. Scan all pages of the syllabus into one file. If you have more than one geosciences course for review, scan each syllabus as a separate file. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can use the scanners available at the USF Library.
Step 3: Name the PDF file the same as the name of the course. For example, if you took MAC 1105 College Algebra, please name the file “MAC 1105 College Algebra”.
Step 4: E-mail your syllabus/syllabi to

  • E-mail Subject: Geosciences Course Evaluation
  • In the body of the e-mail include all of the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your U#
    • Name and state of each out-of-state or private school
    • For each school, include a link to the online catalog information
    • For each school, include a list of course names/numbers of the geosciences course(s) that you wish to have evaluated
    • Attach the scanned copy of syllabus to be evaluated. If you have more than one syllabus, you may submit all syllabi in the same email.

Step 5: Wait for an e-mail reply with the results of the evaluation. Please be patient. However, if you have not received a response after 4 weeks, please send a follow up e-mail.

For Biology, Chemistry or Physics Evaluations click here.

For Math Evaluations click here.