South Florida Coastal Depositional System
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Module 4: Modern Carbonate Systems

This is the fourth of the five virtual field trip modules. This virtual trip is focused on modern carbonate systems in the Florida Keys. This virtual field trip makes several stops in various types of “sub-tidal carbonate factory”. The main goal of this virtual field trip is for student to understand that carbonate gains are produced in the warm shallow marine environment through biochemical processes, in contrast to weathering, transport (ultimately from outside the system), rework, and redistribution of siliciclastic sediment grains, as learned from the previous two virtual trips.

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  1. Module 1: Field Methods for Modern Sedimentology
  2. Module 2: High Energy Siliciclastic Barrier Island System
  3. Module 3: Low Energy Siliciclastic Barrier Island System
  4. Module 4: Modern Carbonate System
  5. Module 5: Sea Level Records

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